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    10 benefits of Honeyberry


    Honeyberry known by their Japanese name Haskap has been long known by the ancient Ainu people of Japan as an elixir of life and good eyesight. Its medical and health benefits have been long recognised in the primitive Siberian mythology. Haskap is exceptionally rich in vitamin C content and possesses high values of anthocyanins and […]

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    10 amazing health benefits of juniper berry essential oil


    Juniper is an alpine shrub that belongs to the conifer (pine) family and is found on grasslands and mountains in Southwest Asia, North America and Europe. Juniper berry essential oil is extracted from fresh or dried juniper berries and the needle leafs. Juniper essential oil is known as the immune system booster and a powerful […]

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    10 amazing health benefits of goji berry plant


    Goji berry plant is also known as Gou Qi Zi, Fructus lycii and Wolfberry is known throughout the world for having some amazing health benefits. Goji berries are extracted from an evergreen shrub of the nightshade family solonacease called Lycium barbarum. It is the same family which produced the likes of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and […]

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    10 Benefits of Avocado Oil


    Avocado is high in healthy fats. About 77% of avocado is oil. Avocado oil is used to keep hormones in check. It also enhances circulatory functions of the body. It is packed with lecithin, amino acid, and Vitamins A, B, D and E and minerals like iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Avocado contains fibre, […]

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    8 Uses of Myrrh essential oil

    Myrrh essential oil is taken out through steam distillation from the gummy resin of small myrrh tree. It has woody, smoky and intense herbaceous fragrance, and its main constituents are three dienes, furanoedudesma and curzerene. It is an expensive oil because of its healing properties. It cleanses the throat and mouth, and it is good for […]

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    Top 8 Uses of Bergamot Oil

    Bergamot oil is taken out from a plant producing citrus fruit called citrus berg Amia, and It is a hybrid of sour orange and lemon. It is cultivated in Italy and is generated in Italy, Morocco, Argentina and Brazil. Bergamot oil is used in many industries like skin care, in the perfume industry and pharmaceutical industry. […]

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    10 Amazing Uses of Patchouli Essential Oil

    Patchouli oil is extracted from leaves of patchouli plant; it is a part of the mint family. Its main chemical compound is patchoulol which gives a balancing and grounding effect on both mind and body. Patchouli essential oil has many uses and health benefits like it is used in perfume making industries for its musk scent. […]

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    10 Amazing Uses of Vetiver Oil


    Vetiver oil is a product of grass family; it has earthy and exotic fragrance.  The oil is obtained from the roots by steam distillation. It is used in perfume industries and cosmetic industries and is also used to make a room spray because of its scent. It is extensively used as flavouring agent in sorbets and other food items. […]

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    11 Amazing Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

    Bergamot essential oil is cold compressed from the peel of the fruit, named Citrus Bergamia. It is used in black tea called Earl Grey tea. This oil is produced in Brazil, Argentina and Turkey. It has many health benefits as it relieves from a headache, relaxes the muscles and nerves, and stimulates the digestive system and […]