• How to make your meat nice & tender

    Whether it’s a fall off the bone rib roast or juicy fried chicken, tenderness is typically associated with the quality of meat. But whether the meat ends up melting in your mouth is less about quality and more so depends on how it is treated before being cooked. There are three main ways of tenderising […] More

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  • Zinc – A Trace Element with Ample Significance!

    Zinc is a trace element that is not produced by human body. It has ample significance in terms of body functioning and immunity, hence one has to find different sources to ensure proper zinc levels in body. This element is present naturally in various foods; however one needs to ensure proper consumption of zinc rich […] More

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  • Diet for muscle gain

    It is imperative to take care of physical and nutrition to ensure that you have a healthy body. Physical activities will make you feel active and healthy all the time, so it is essential to be regular with it. At the same time, it is important to understand that there is a specific diet that […] More

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  • Benefits of the Paleo diet

    What are the Paleo diet and its benefits?

    Before starting the paleo diet, the first question that comes in anyone’s mind is the meaning and significance of this diet. Paleo diet has become very common among people who believe in dieting for weight loss and their health. Paleo diet is also referred to as the caveman diet, stone age, or primal diet. This […] More

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