The Best Weight Gain Diet Plan for Bodybuilders

Gaining weight

Gaining weight is most important as well as the most tough part of body building. Bulking up will help in toning body the way you want it to be. Gaining muscles should be the optimum focus while gaining weight but it does not mean that you gain fat instead of healthy weight.

While bulking up body weight should be at minimum quantity. Gaining more than 2 lbs within a week is not good for health. Gaining weight is the goal not to bulk up fat, to reduce excessive fat one should cut down body calories to 200 to 400 to get in shape. Junk food, unhealthy carbs and fats must be cut down from the diet.

Bodybuilding needs good nutritious packed food along with workout. Food intake also depends on the body type. If you are an ectomorph you need to focus highly on your diet. Ectomorphs need to consume foods that are high in calories and carbs.

Plenty of Rest

Rest is the most important factor in Gaining weight as well as for mental and bodily strength. 8-9 hours sleep is essential for mind and bodily normal functioning.  Human Growth Hormone released after two hours sleep that is essential to repair broken down muscles. It also helps in making body relax and calm, but when the sleep pattern is disturbed it will affect the release of this growth hormone that will eventually effect in muscle building process. Along with food sleep is a must to get strong and bigger.


Gaining weight

Nutrition is the most important component of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding 80% depends on what you eat. If you are not eating properly, how much you train and workout it will not help out in bulking up the body. Your body and muscles won’t grow if you are not feeding your body the right amount of nutrition.

The Best Type of Diet for Bulking Up

An organized eating plan is crucial in bulking up healthy fat, for this purpose an organized and balanced diet plan should be made for Gaining weight in a proper and monitored way. Awareness and self-education is also necessary to understand body needs, the ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats which your body needs to bulk up. Calories intake should also be checked during Gaining weight.

WhatSteroids gives extensive information about the diet plan, calories intake and how it can be manipulated to get the wanted results. Different types of food essentials are described below that are essential in body building


Proteins are essential in bodybuilding. Without protein, it is impossible to gain weight.I t helps in building muscles that help you to get big. Consuming a diet rich in protein helps to make body strong and bulky. The main source of Protein is meat and poultry items. Avoid meat with white fat because that is saturated fat that helps in getting unhealthy fat that only makes you fat without any healthy component. Consumption of red meat is essential for body weight and muscle. Red meat contains saturated fat that makes you healthy and bulky.

Foods with high protein level:

  • Whey protein
  • Chicken/turkey breasts
  • Fish (tuna, salmon)
  • Lean Beef
  • Protein bars
  • Eggs
  • Whole Milk


Carbs are high source of energy. Food is composed of 50% of carbs so its importance cannot be neglected. High intake of carbohydrates results in Gaining weight.  Consumption of little carbs can make body consume important macro nutrients to get the energy that might be harmful to body. Balance should be maintained to get appropriate benefit from the diet.

Fruit intake should be high that provides essential carbs as well as energy to the body.  There are two kinds of carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

High Carbohydrate Food:

  • Brown rice
  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams
  • Beans
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Leafy vegetables


Fats are considered as bad because everyone considered that fat is something that makes tires around belly an, arms and thighs, But not all fats are bad. Gaining weightFat is also essential for body growth and muscle development.  Fat that is consumed from food and fat that is stored in the body are two different things. The fat that is stored in the body can make you bulky but with bad unwanted fat and that fat makes tires in the body. Fat consumed from food not only provides energy but also helps muscles to grow. There are two types of fat Saturated and unsaturated. One is consumed from vegetables, fruits and flowers other is consumed by meat.

Healthy Fats are included in:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Walnuts
  • Avocados


L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is a natural supplement. This supplement is used for the body recovery and it is a safe supplement for the body muscles. It helps in recovering from the hard and strong workout sores. This supplement helps to maintain balanced nitrogen that is healthy for body muscles.

Supplements for Bulking

Along with diet, rest nutrition and training supplements also play an important role in Gaining weight. Supplements increase the production of testosterones that is essential in making body grow and gain muscles. Supplements also boost up to the body muscles and energy level. Supplements increase growth hormone that increase body gains and it also shortens the recovery time of body from the workout sores.


Weight gain is not an easy thing to accomplish, Excess healthy food along with proper training is essential to gain body mass. Food is the most important thing in bulking up, but eating anything you see will not help in Gaining weight, it will only make you obese. So the right amount of balance between fats, protein, and carbohydrates is important to gain body mass.

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Written by Ashley Grace

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