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Plank challenge for beginners

What is a plank challenge?

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The plank challenge for beginners is a 30-day program that helps you in building your
muscles and core perfectly. Every day you have to fulfill the challenge by doing the exercise
for a certain time limit. The goal is to develop a good core that by the time you cross day 12,
you are able to do the planks for 2 minutes straight, and by the end of day 30, you will be
able to hold it for 5 minutes straight.

How to do the plank challenge?

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The 30-day program for plank challenge for beginners has to be followed with the routine,
or else it might get difficult to the core that you want to develop. Before you start the
challenge, it is essential to know that you are able to do planks properly, and if you can, then
it is the perfect challenge for developing the core. Here are the following steps that you can
follow to do the normal planks with a straight arm:

● First, get into a pushup position, and if you want to do the high plank, then your arms
need to be completely extended. If you are a beginner, then you can start doing the
planks on your knees. If you think you are on the advanced level, then you can try
this challenge on your forearms.
● Then make sure to keep your toes and palms completely planted on the ground and
keep your back straight while the core is tight.
● It is important to keep sure that you keep your back extremely straight at all times
and don’t let it sag.
● To make it easy to complete plank challenges for beginners, you must develop
and maintain the plank for a predetermined time, and if you think that you won’t be
able to do it anymore, then drop down and wait until you can start it all over again in
the plank position.

There are different schedules for plank challenges for beginners, and you can follow that
to start developing your core. It has a time table for all the 30 days with different time limits,
which helps develop the core of your body.

Here are some benefits of plank challenge for beginners:

Source : nbcnews

Strengthens every core muscles and your back:

Plank helps in strengthening the core of the muscles, unlike the crunches. The plank
exercises help activate the muscles in your body and back, which helps develop a better
core. If you complete the challenge for 30 days perfectly then, you will be able to achieve the
core you want and activate the muscles.

Improves stability:

A strong core is essential for everyday life, and if you have a good core, it helps improve the
stability of the body. You will start gaining a great balance and stability once you develop a
good core.

Reduces back pain:

The stability and the plank challenge for beginners also help reduce the back pain
because of a strong core that you develop.

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