Top Ways to Make Your Balance Better Than Before

It’s another thing to be a bit off-balance; we all get our share of falls, tumbles, and tripping-overs across our life. However, things are no longer funny when age catches up and falls become a serious medical problem. Seniors have to go through the threat of finding them off-balance every moment, and this causes falls, bone breakage, accidents, and at times death.

Balance is a critical skill for survival.  The concern lies in this skill being a perishable one. It’s seen that the legs that manage to hold us tall often weaken as we arrive into our thirties. Sabrina Seraj from Therapydia explains that most people rely on their sight to maintain their balance. Balance can be improved by doing simple exercises with your eyes closed, such as standing on one leg or marching in place. Read on to more about balance and how to get going even in your lean years.

How to Remain Steady and Attain Balance

Make Your Balance Better

The following ways of strengthening the lower-body muscles and core can keep you balanced and steady on your feet.

  • standing on one leg

You may try this exercise while doing your dishes or any other chore that necessitates standing on your feet. Once you are able to stand on each leg for 30 seconds at a stretch, shift to a comparatively less stable surface. You may use a couch cushion or a rug to enhance the challenge. Try doing the same exercise for balance with one eye closed at a time, then both.

  • Walking on the heel to toe

This is similar to the sobriety field test imposed by cops on drunk drivers. To do this exercise to improve balance, take 20-25 steps in the forward direction, heel to toe. Thereafter, start walking backward in a similar fashion – keeping your toe to heel area in a straight line.

  • Perform squats
How to male your balance better

To build upon your quads and make your legs sturdy, you need to begin with squats. For a simple squat, keep your feet apart at the hip-width distance. Bend your hips and knees to lower yourself to a seating posture. Imagine that there’s a chair right behind you. Keep your abs straight, arms extended outwards, knees above shoelaces, and back straight. You may stop when your thighs find themselves parallel to the floor, or as close to it. Thereafter, contract glutes while standing back up. Its best to perform 3 sets of 10, while taking a one-minute pause post each set.

Problems of Balance

With age, the length of the strides taken by seniors gets shortened. They find the pace of their steps slowing down while walking on the same level, climbing steps, or moving on any other incline. The most serious problem with balance occurs in the form of fuzzy vision, which is the most critical component for coordination. A wobbly walk can also be courtesy menopause. Age is important but not the only reason for disbalance and falls. People may start losing their stability for many reasons. As per experts, balance can be retained by exercising regularly, remaining active, and nurturing enhanced stability to curtail future falls. Start improving your balance, today.

Written by Ashley Grace

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