Calories in Red Wine

Red wine is a beverage made by fermenting grapes. Red wines are of various varieties and types. And according to its kind, calories in red wine will slightly differ.

Nutritional facts and calories in red wine:


Calculations per 100 grams:

Calorie = 85

Percent Daily Value*

 Element  Amount
 Potassium  127mg = 3%
 Sodium  4mg
 Carbohydrates  2.6g
 Sugar  0.6g
 Protein  0.1g
 Iron  2%
 Magnesium  3%
 Vitamin B-6  5%

*Percent Daily Values are calculated on a 2,000 calorie diet and it is seen that our daily values may be lower or higher depending on our calorie needs.

It is best to see calories and nutrition info per 1 Glass of 125ml of Red wine and see how many calories are there in 100 ml of Red wine and also its nutrition information.

Calories in red wine and Nutrition per Serving:

1 Serving = 1 Glass of 125ml

 Calories  85
 Protein  0.2
 Carbohydrate  3.3
 Fat  0
 Fiber  0
 Alcohol  12

Calories in red wine mentioned herein are with Percentage for each Nutrient for 100ml of Red wine.

 Nutrient  Percentage
 Carbohydrate  11.8%
 Protein  0.6%
 Fat  0
 Alcohol  67.1%

Calories in red wine and Units:


A big glass of 13 percent wine puts a woman in a low-risk unit guideline. Whereas another small glass of 125 ml will put men over the guidelines too.

If you are drinking regularly over these guidelines, then you could be increasing your chances of getting into long-term health problems.

There is a need to check the strength of your wine.

Always check your wine’s alcohol by volume. It will give you a guide to how strong it is. The ABV (alcohol by volume) tells you what percentage of your drink is made up of alcohol. For example, wine with 13% ABV is 13% pure alcohol and hence the higher the percentage, the more alcohol there is – so always try opting for lower ABV wines.

It is seen that a large glass of wine contains as many calories as an ice cream.

We drink wine with a meal. But did you know that a large glass of wine (250ml) with 12% ABV can add 208 calories in red wine to your dinner? That is similar to a cup of ice cream.

Watch this video to know Calories in a glass of red wine: 

A standard glass of red or white wine (175ml) with 12% ABV could also contain up to 150 calories, similar to a slice of Madeira cake. Often when sharing wine, we assume we’re drinking fewer calories, but a bottle of 13% ABV wine shared among two people could mean that you are consuming 340 calories each, that is almost equivalent to a chocolate croissant each.

Always try and find out how many calories you are consuming with our Unit and Calorie Calculator and take a look at our top tips on how to use up wine left once you have opened the bottle. Along with red wine, white wine benefits are also many.

Things you can do immediately to reduce the amount of wine you are drinking-

It is observed that one large glass of wine can put you over the low-risk guidelines. To stay on course, try these tips:

Check your measures and calories in red wine


If you’re used to drinking large glasses of wine, swap those large 250ml wine glasses for 125ml ones, whether you are at a pub or home. Do remember to check the volume too. Wines with higher ABV have more alcohol.

Go for alcohol-free days


If you are drinking regularly, your body starts to build up need to alcohol. As per medical experts, they recommend and ensure you don’t become addicted to alcohol. Try having a break for yourself and see the positive results you get.

Toast a treat


Take a special bottle of wine that’s expensive enough to encourage you to enjoy it over a few days, rather than drink it all in one night. This way, you will spread out the units you are consuming.

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Try and find out how many calories in red wine are in a glass. That will depend on the person pouring the glass of red wine. A regular restaurant pour of red wine is usually 5 ounces, but most of the diets that allow wine, are recommending 4 ounces of red wine as a standard serving size. You will be surprised what a 4-ounce pour looks like in a large red wine glass, so please take note of that.

How to make red wine at home?

It has been observed that the calories in red wine are a hot topic in today’s world of wines. While many are familiar with some of the wine’s health advantages, they are not too sure as to how wine can fit into a rigid diet plan or long-term problems and difficulties one may face.

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