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Are you one of the millions of people that are struggling to overcome substance abuse? It’s important for you to know that you are not alone in your battle. While the process of recovering from drug addiction is often grueling and overwhelming it can be done. For most people, the first step towards recovery is to acknowledge that you have a problem. However, the next step is crucial and involves finding the best drug treatment center Los Angeles has to offer. Yes, the right rehabilitation center can help restore your health and happiness.

Addiction Recovery-Drug Treatment Center, Los Angeles Professionals, Drug Treatment Center Los Angeles,

The key to recovering from substance abuse is having a significant amount of self-discipline and willpower to truly want to make a change. Of course, when you’re exploring treatment options, there are a number of questions that may arise. Whether you are loved one seeking help for an addict or if you are the one struggling with addiction there are questions that may arise such as:

What types of recovery options are available?

How to determine which program is right for you?

What is involved in the healing process?

There is a number of treatment options available to abusers. In several cases of drug use detoxing in a health facility and transitioning to a rehabilitation center. Rehab can help you build relationships with individuals who are just like you. Combined with support from your loving family you can conquer your addiction.

How Substance Abuse Is Treated in A Drug Treatment Center, Los Angeles

Drug addiction can’t be cured but it can be successfully treated. Unfortunately, an individual can’t simply just cease drug use and be better because addiction is a chronic disease that changes the function of the brain over a period of time. Often, patients require long-term and repeated care to fully turn their lives around.

The purpose of drug treatment programs is to help an addict stop using illicit substances, stay clean and to be productive in society, workplace and within they’re families.

What Types of Treatments Options Are Available?

There are a variety of treatment options that are available which can be customized to fit the needs and unique circumstances of the addict. Treatment approaches that may work for one individual can sometimes not be the best fit for someone else. At Nexus Recovery, we offer effective treatment that not only addresses the patient’s drug use but all of they’re needs.

Typically, treatment programs fall into two categories; outpatient and inpatient therapy. Each form of rehabilitation has its own benefits to offer.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation is intensive and is designed to treat serious and long-term drug use. This type of rehabilitation treatment is very structured and based around all facets of the patient’s addiction. Inpatient rehabilitation requires a patient to live in a drug-free facility allowing them to receive twenty-four-hour medical care and emotional support. A patient can stay in an inpatient rehab for as little as twenty-eight days up to six months.

The great thing about inpatient rehab is that the patient doesn’t have to deal with the distractions of everyday life. This is important because it allows the individual to focus all of the attention and energy to recover. This is an ideal option for people who are battling a chronic addiction and for individuals dealing with a mental or behavioral disorder.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehab is another form of addiction care that can be very effective. In fact, programs of this nature offer the same comprehensive care and therapies of an inpatient facility. The difference is that an inpatient program allows patients to live at home during the recovery process. They are able to go to school or work during the day and take care of they’re families.

Since outpatient rehab has a lower success rate it’s only recommended for individuals with a mild addiction because there is an increased risk of encountering triggers that can influence your sobriety.  However, it can be beneficial because it allows an individual to maintain their normal daily routine and they have the support from their loved ones.


Oftentimes, detoxification is necessary to cleanse the body of illicit substances before treatment can begin. Detoxification in a facility setting allows an individual to safely withdraw from drugs until it has been eradicated from their system. This can be one of the most difficult parts of rehabilitation because it is accompanied by physical withdrawal symptoms that can be painful.

Tailored treatment programs used in combination with medication, mental health evaluations and follow up care to prevent relapses. Additional recovery care options include:

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes can be of great benefit to individuals who are still in the midst of recovery. This is an ideal option for individuals who are leaving an inpatient facility since a sober living home can bridge the gap in intensive inpatient care to returning back to the normal functions of life. They help patients adjust to being back in the real world allowing them to use the skills they have developed to continue on a healthy path. Patients can reside in a sober living home for a longer length of time than in an inpatient facility.


Medication can be prescribed during detoxification to aid in the recovery process. Medication can be used for a variety of purposes including, suppressing withdrawal symptoms, managing cravings or treating related mental disorders.

Spiritual Treatment

Faith-based programs that focus on a person’s spiritual health can be very helpful for some individuals. This specialized treatment is centered on faith and a belief in the higher power. This kind of treatment is known to be successful because it can help heal a patient’s mind, body, and spirit. Individuals are surrounded by other like-minded individuals allowing them to make lasting and positive friendships.

Are you ready to take the steps towards a better life? Here at Nexus Recovery, our experts can help devise a rehabilitation plan that’s specifically tailored to address your needs. Further, relapse prevention measures can be taken to ensure that you live your best life.

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