Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

According to research, turmeric has various health benefits; it is antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimutagenic, anticarcinogenic, and antiviral. Its anti-oxidant properties can postpone cataract and prevent cancer. Turmeric Tea may diminish the risk of blood clots. It controls glucose in a better way and enhances the effect of medications used to cure diabetes.

Turmeric Tea is helpful to a patient suffering from high cholesterol, cancer, Alzheimer’ disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. It gives immense health benefits for people with lichen planus disease which affect the mucous membrane of tongue and skin and is also useful in inflammation of the middle eye. You will be surprised to know these amazing health benefits of turmeric which we are sure you didn’t know.

Many studies and researchers have found out that turmeric is helpful in correcting depression symptoms. The study also states that turmeric can be used as an effective ingredient for patients with mild to moderate depression.

. Turmeric Tea for Inflammation:


The most important aspect of turmeric is its capacity to control inflammation. Turmeric is the most used anti-inflammatory herb in the world. Many diseases such as arthritis, chronic pain, high cholesterol, and ulcerative colitis are due to inflammation. Drinking Turmeric Tea is key to the reversal of sickness to be safe from inflammation.

. Turmeric Tea as Painkillers:


One of the main properties of turmeric is to control pain. Burn victims are treated by hazardous nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and opioid, but because of its anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric should be used to treat wounds instead of this medicine. Therapeutic use curcumin-rich plants are replacing conventional medical treatments and are used as a natural painkiller.

  • Turmeric Tea as Steroids:

Turmeric benefits the many symptoms treated by corticosteroids like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis; It is a herb also called as Curcuma longa. It is golden in color, has an aroma of pepper and also nick-named as “Queen of Spices”. Turmeric Tea is a lovely way to cleanse and heal and detoxify your liver and body and also protects liver tissue. It also cleanses and purifies the blood. According to studies, It is known to have more than 500 health benefits! Turmeric Tea helps in many anti-inflammatory diseases and is used in treatments for ulcerative colitis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Turmeric Tea is a rich source of many nutrients such as Vitamin C-E K, protein, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, niacin, calcium, and dietary fiber, Therefore, it is beneficial in numerous disease.

Here are some of the healing properties of Turmeric Tea:

1. For Arthritis


The anti-inflammatory compounds in Turmeric Tea are suitable for treating both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. To prevent arthritis you can also use Oolong tea. Its antioxidant property stops free radicals in the body that damage body cells. Drinking Turmeric Tea on a daily basis relieves joint inflammation and joint pains.

 2. For Healing Wound


Turmeric Tea is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent and is also used as a disinfectant. It helps to repair infected skin and can be used to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions.

 3. For Immunity


Turmeric contains a compound called lipopolysaccharide, which contributes to stimulate the immune system. It’s antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties help in strengthening the immune system. A robust immune system reduces the chances of flu, cough, and cold. Consuming turmeric tea on a regular basis will protect, and boost immunity.

 4. For Cancer Treatment


Turmeric may prevent prostate cancer, reduce the growth of existing prostate cancer and kill cancer cells. Many researchers have seen that the active properties of turmeric make it one of the most protective agents against radiation-induced tumors. Consuming Turmeric Tea has a preventive effect against T-cell leukemia, tumor cells, breast carcinomas and colon carcinomas. A laboratory study on cancer cells mentions that turmeric does have anticancer effects. It is effective in killing cancer cells and prohibits more from growing. It is helpful for breast cancer, bowel cancer, and skin cancer cells. You can also use olive leaf extract to prevent breast cancer.Recently it’s been studied that turmeric can lower the tumor size and stop cancer cells.

5. Treats  Diabetes:


Turmeric Tea can be used to balance insulin levels. It is also useful in reducing insulin resistance, which can prevent chronic pain, lupus, and scleroderma.

In a 1999 breakthrough study, it was found that turmeric can prevent inflammation of the eye. This condition was treated with steroids, but today it’s common for doctors to prescribe curcumin instead.

Recipe of turmeric tea

Basic Recipe:

  • Take four cups of water and bring it to the boil
  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric
  • Reduce the heat and let it simmer for at least 10 minutes
  • Strain this using a fine sieve
  • Add lemon for taste

For variation, basil, mint or a teaspoon of ginger can be added to the tea. You should use good quality turmeric for this recipe.

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