How Does Obesity Affect Your Emotional Health

We are all aware that obesity is the root cause of many health problems. At a very young age, obesity can lead you to the unhealthy life you dread. It causes health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, lung problems, kidney failure, arthritis, infertility, and other harmful diseases and problems.

The effects of obesity are most visible on the people who have experienced weight gain since childhood. Childhood obesity is a trauma for people who have been through that phase. As they grow older, their weight keeps on increasing and so does the effects of obesity.  

It eventually disturbs and upsets the whole system of how your body works, not just physical health, but it also affects you mentally and emotionally. People, who successfully shed off the excess weight from their body, get fit and improve their physical health. But it is very difficult to heal emotionally and strengthen your mental health.

People who suffer through obesity go through the following emotional setbacks:

  • Lack of confidence:

It is the most natural thing that when a person starts to gain weight, the first thing he loses is his confidence. If you start to be alert and attentive to your feelings, you will notice that you must be avoiding the family gatherings and the parties because you know nothing in the wardrobe will fit you anymore. You try and make excuses not to meet anyone who truly care for you as they can pinpoint your weight problem.  

  • Anxiety:

Obese people have the tendency to suffer through anxiety attacks or even depression. Low self-esteem and body shaming can be the root cause of your mental problems. When you start to lose weight through diet and exercise, anxiety is one of the bacteria die off symptoms, which can be controlled by visiting your therapist regularly.

  • Conscious about their body:

People who are obese go through bullying and body-shaming throughout their lives. So they develop a habit of being conscious about their body. Being aware of your health is good, no doubt, but being over obsessive about losing weight can cause more mental burden.   

  • Eating disorders:

People who are obese develop eating disorders during their weight gain, and sometimes even after losing weight. People suffering from obesity reach out for food when they feel low or happy. They mix feelings with food and tend to binge eat in anxiety. Eating disorder is an illness which, if not cured, can cause problems and disturb the immunity of your body.

  • Relationship problems:

We have ready about how obesity disturbs you emotionally and mentally. This emotional stress is bound to affect your relationships. You tend to throw your anger, anxiety, and stress on your loved ones. Initially, they can be very supportive but eventually, their patience wears off. Obese people should also try and understand that everyone has their own set of problems, and they should take their relationships as their strength and work on losing the fat, instead of pushing people away and being depressed.   

Written by Ashley Grace

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