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Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham is a well-known model and person who has worked on many television shows. A lot of people have different opinions about people and their bodies. Ashley Graham has always faced this criticism from people, but she accepts her body just the way it is. She is an activist for body positivity and has been on the cover of many famous magazines. It is imperative to understand your own journey and accept your body the way it is because that will give you the confidence to carry yourself in a better way. Here is the story behind Ashley Graham’s weight loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss
Source: Instagram/@theashleygraham

Ashley Graham was discovered by a modeling company in the year 2000. She was shopping at the mall at that time, and the company offered her a modeling job. She was 12 years old at that time, and then she applied for a modeling job in the year 2003. She started becoming very famous and came on the cover of a lot of famous magazines. She also has a Ted talk for body positivity, where she also talks about her own journey and how she used to deal with people who used to body shame her. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey involves her healthy diet, which includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. 

Ashley Graham Weight Loss
Source: Instagram user theashleygraham

It is important to workout on a regular basis while having healthy food, which will give your body the required nutrients and also keep you fit. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey also involves many pictures and videos of her working out and following a routine every day. It is imperative to stay active physically because that is the best way to burn the extra fats from the body. You can do exercises like squats, planks, push-ups, ball smash, lunges, burpees, and many more such exercises which will not only help you in losing the fat but will also help in toning the body. Ashley Graham has also run a 5k marathon for her body fitness and flexibility. One of her favorite exercises is kickboxing, as she thinks it helps in losing a lot of calories and also strengthens the bones and muscles of the body. 

Ashley Graham Weight Loss
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It is very important to keep your mind positive and have a positive outlook for your body because it will give you the peace of mind you need. People around you might have shaped your perceptions of a perfect body in a different way, but it is on you to have the body that you want. Once you start respecting and accepting the body that you have, then you will not be bothered with any body type. 

Make sure to do the things you love because pursuing your hobbies will make you feel lighter and happier, decreasing stress. You can also have a cheat day meal in between whenever you feel like but remember to eat healthy food on the other days. 


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