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Spin biking vs rowing for weight loss?

Spinning is one of the most famous forms of exercises and has been around for a really long time now because of its amazing features. The reason people prefer spin bikes is because they are really better and offer a lot of exercise options for the people who are interested.

Now, similar to spinning is rowing. Spin bikes and rowing machines together offer the ability to get a low impact cardio workout right in the comfort of your very own homes.

Rowing machines work on the upper and lower body, yet the spinning bikes mainly work on the lower body with some work on the upper body.

Spin bikes have already been a lot popular for a long time now in gyms as well as in homes, whereas the rowing machines are usually used in gyms. However, if you are looking to buy spin bikes for your home use then you should definitely check out this detail review of spin bike & where to buy it just so you know what to look while buying spin bikes.

Moving on!

But that doesn’t change the fact that rowing machines are gaining popularity with time and now are used in homes too by a lot of people.

Spin biking vs rowing for weight loss?

In this post, we would be discussing the features of spin biking vs rowing along with their features.

A spin bike is always one of the easiest machines to start with and is quite faster than you think.

About the rowing, it is not something which everybody is familiar with. It isn’t difficult to get along with but has more of a learning curve than a spin bike due to less experience.

The rowing machines need you to push with your legs and then pull the handlebar with arms using your back too and then return. This technique is quite used on rowing machines and along with that, we recommend you not to go too fast or you might cause an injury in your back or shoulder.

Both of these machines don’t have any kind of workout programs built in them which binds you to a certain pace, unlike a treadmill which has a belt. This means that you are in control of your pace and the intensity of your workout. We do recommend though that you keep a track of your exercise and number of calories burnt.

When it comes to burning calories with spin bike is known to burn calories faster than rowing machines at the same level of workout which leads to a higher number of calories burnt.

Also, it doesn’t depend at all on the workout and how hard you push yourself to complete it because it eventually comes down to the type of exercise which you enjoy doing the most.

Both of these machines go easy on the joints and don’t cause any kind of issues, yet you might find the rowing machine a bit hard on your knees when you push them backward.

The feature which is common in both these machines is that you can increase the resistance on the flywheel to make your workouts harder. It could be done by turning up the tension knobs.

Both of these machines are competitors and yet equally better. It all depends on your choice and preference about which type of workout machines you are looking for. Happy exercising!

Written by Ashley Grace

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