Nowadays, dehydrated food is more popular as people are becoming aware of its benefits. We can find different options in the market like frozen food, canned food or freeze-dried food, then why is the popularity of home dehydrated food growing?

People are buying dehydrators for several reasons. First, dehydrated foods are easier to make and take less space. And second, people are adopting healthy eating habits and are concerned about artificial ingredients used in commercially made food.

Along with these, we have discovered eight reasons why you should own a food dehydrator in your kitchen!

  1. Emphasis on healthy food: When you buy a dehydrator, it is quite obvious that you are making a commitment to healthy food. When you dehydrate the food at home, there are no additives or preservatives. So, it’s not only 100% natural, but you get all the minerals and fibers of it. Unlike cooking and steaming, you don’t lose any of the nutritional content of the food you are dehydrating. If you are tired of not being able to give healthy snacks to your children and family, a food dehydrator is your answer.
  2. Cost-effective: A dehydrator gives you an amazing option to replace many expensive snacks with healthy food. Usually, processed foods are quite costly and are not good for your health. Organic and healthy dehydrated food costs even more than processed food. So, you can save a lot of money by buying fresh food in bulk and dehydrating it for yourself. Apart from that, dehydrators are not much expensive.
  3. Portability: Dehydrated food is compact and lightweight. It can be difficult to find healthy food that you can take or have access to, on the go. With dehydrated food, you take a plastic bag or a container full of your snacks. It’s great for children’s lunches at school or a midday snack at work, too.
  4. Dry out the herbs: A dehydrator is the most effective and efficient way to preserve herbs and their flavor. It is easy to dehydrate herbs and it takes less time to do so. You can normally dehydrate them in one to three hours. Dry your own basil, mint, ginger, rosemary, oregano and even carrot tops.
  5. Prepare lightweight camp out food:  Whenever you plan a trip or camping with your family or friends, you all prefer to carry some lightweight things with you.  But, have you imagined carrying lightweight foodstuff? A food dehydrator is a perfect way to make your food delicious and lightweight. During the process of food dehydration, the water content is removed which reduces its weight. For example, you can carry something bulky and heavy like watermelon in the dried form.
  6. Reduce food waste: According to an estimation from USDA’s Economic Research Service, approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food was wasted in 2010 in the US. With the help of food dehydrator, we can reduce food wastage. Save the food that will spoil. When your fresh fruit starts going soft, slice it up and put it in a food dehydrator. This method can help you save the fruits that you forgot about.  Storing your leftover fruits and vegetables after dehydrating them will extend their shelf life for up to two to five years.
  7. Easy storage and preservation: Dried food takes less space than their original storage space. You can simply pack the food in containers or plastic bags or vacuum sealed bags. The reduction of size will let you store your food into a small area. You won’t require any ongoing electrical drain or refrigerator to preserve them. By removing moisture, you prevent the growth of bacteria and your food stays preserved and safe.
  8. Dehydrated food tastes great: Dehydrated food is just food–usually fruit, vegetables or meat–with all of the moisture dried out of it. It has a naturally concentrated rich and delicious taste when moisture is removed from fruits, vegetables, and meats. Not only that, when making dehydrated food for yourself, you know the quality and freshness of it.

If you don’t have a dehydrator yet, there are some great ones in the market to pick from. You can buy a dehydrator at an affordable range. Visit for some great choices for dehydrators.

When people eat dehydrated food, they reduce their chances of becoming prone to diseases. In fact, your kids will also get fond of delicious snacks. Overall, buying a food dehydrator will not only help you in being healthy but also benefit the people around you.

Written by Ashley Grace

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