Here’s why you should stop instagramming your food Right Now!!!

Today Instagramming your food has become one of the most important rituals for you all and even if it means that your food is getting cold. And why not?! How will you let the world know that you were eating such a delightful lunch?

Well, the latest research has found out more than enough reason to quit Instagramming your foods that are a clear signal that you must stop this annoying habit ASAP.

One of the reports which focus on the exposure of the food either looking at your food or Instagramming your food makes you bored of the food even before you start eating the meal.

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The co-author of this report, Professor Joseph Redden said that when people Instagram they completely focus on the food items that they are taking pictures of. This can influence how much they enjoy their meal.  This study particularly looks at how during the process of Instagramming your food influence the companies trying to market their food to the customer through social media platform such as Instagram. The study revealed that too much of exposure could have an unpredicted effect of making your food less enjoyable when you actually begin to eat.

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Taking a good picture of your food to put it on Instagram takes time; with many of you needing perfect lighting and angle to click their snap. There are some people who were seen spraying water on top of the food to making it glisten. And there are some who find the need to accessorize their food before they can click.

While the study doesn’t claim that Instagramming your food affects your health, the main focus of the report is on how pictures can influence the way you actually experience your food.

Just like over exposure of advertisement influence the experience of the user with the product; this is the same thing with food.


The whole point is, you’re spending a lot of time that perfect click for Instagramming your food by using different angles and filters; you actually find the need to eat secondary when it comes to enjoyment as well as importance.

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Besides Instagramming, your food has to be one of the most annoying trends among the millennial. And it is high time that you put that phone down and enjoy the meal that is in front of you and probably don’t enjoy the person you are sitting next to you.

Written by Ashley Grace

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