What Is A Mass Gainer & What Are Its Benefits?

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements with various levels of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids and other supplements.

It is consumedin gaining phases by body builders who want to pump up their muscles with the extra calories for better muscle growth. It also aids in muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Consequently, there are many types of mass gainers in the current market, with each having a different amount of calorie supply. Nonetheless, you should always opt for one with less sugar and more complex carbs, for enhanced muscle growth.

In addition, mass gainers often have higher levels of fats and carbohydrates that help you consume more calories. The protein level in this calorie supplement is usually lower than that of a normal protein shake.

Moreover, you should complement this calorie supplement with a healthy and well-balanced diet for effectiveness. You should also supplement it with the right workout routine. Reputable fitness guides like ASCVS Fitness, can give you an idea of how to go about using a mass gainer, eating healthy and working out.

Benefits of Mass Gainers

Body builders all over cherish mass gainers, so what are some of its top benefits? Here they are:

·         It helps in muscle growth and recovery

This is the most common reason people take mass gainers, to boost their muscle growth fast and help them recover after an intense workout routine. It is highly effective and helpful, especially if you are on a regular bodybuilding routine that require proper muscle recovery in a bid to achieve the desired results.

It can also help you stay focused and be consistent with your bodybuilding workout routine.

·         It aids you in staying lean

A mass gainer meant for big muscle growth can help you stay lean as you gain mass, as it has an infinite level of good fat.

Depending on the type of mass gainer supplement, it is always best to consume one with loads of dietary fat. You just have to take it in the right amount as stipulated. So keep an eye out for a mass gainer with a medium chain triglycerides content and very little saturated fat.

·         It is rich in carbohydrates

Working out extensively, especially with an aim of building muscles require a lot of energy in order to achieve the desired results. Therefore, this high-calorie supplement is the best source of carbs for your workout routine.

Take note that you are likely to use the stored energy within your body, as you work out. However, after a few days of thorough workout this natural energy will start to deplete slowly. This is the time your body, will require high levels of carbohydrates, often found in mass gainers.

Moreover, this high level of carbs present in mass gainers is also great at refilling your body’s glycogen intensity.

·         It contains high fiber content

Fiber is important for the body, especially if you are looking to build muscles. This is because it is great at removing toxic wastes from your body, making it better and ready for a healthy lifestyle, rich in a balanced diet and good exercise routine.

As a result, your body becomes toxic-free thus allowing for swift digestion and better absorption of your food.

·         It contains just enough calories

For some people, it does not matter how much calories you take. It just never shows, though this can be good if you want to stay lean. However, if you want to gain muscles, you will need a calorie booster like mass gainers.

Mass gainers often provide the required amount of calories needed for the body to gain muscles. A quality good mass gainer can give you up to 1000 calories in just one shake.



Conclusively, there is no better way to muscle growth and recovery than with mass gainers. You just have to do a bit of research in a bid to buy the best type for your workout routine. Otherwise, it is worth it if your fitness goal is to build muscles.

Written by Ashley Grace

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