10 benefits and uses of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is taken out from pulp and seeds of grapefruit. It extracts contains carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Grapefruit extract is helpful in weight loss and improves your immune system. It has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial compounds that are used to treat diarrhea and many infections.

Whenever you buy grapefruit extract, read carefully the ingredients list and always buy from the reputed company. Pure grapefruit extract can treat all kind of bacteria. But many commercial enterprises produce grapefruit extract which contains ingredients that are harmful to your health.

Herein are ten benefits and uses of grapefruit seed extract:

1. Grapefruit seed extract to prevent high blood pressure:


Grape seed extract contains linoleic acid, flavonoids, and procyanidins antioxidants that shield the blood vessels from any mishap that prevents high blood pressure. It dilates the blood vessel and lowers the blood pressure. You can also use Honeyberry to lower the blood pressure.

2. Grapefruit seed extract to fight against candida:


It is found out in researches and studies that grapefruit extract has the ability to fight against fungal infection like candida. Candida mostly occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, toenails, vagina, nose, fingernails, ears and mouth.

3. Grapefruit seed extract to treat swelling:


It is helpful in healing swelling faster caused by sports injury and also is beneficial to reduce swelling that is caused by prolonged sitting in the same position.

4. Grapefruit seed extract for youthful skin:


It contains procyanidins that bonds with collagen and this bonding improves the elasticity of skin and gives a younger looking skin and may aid as a natural facelift. Procyanidins also protect you from harsh Sun rays.

5. Grapefruit seed extract to destroy antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections:


It is helpful to kill antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections. Studies and research prove it to be an antibacterial agent.

6. Grapefruit seed extract as antimicrobial:


It is used in ear drops, nasal sprays, throat sprays and many other products as antimicrobial. Grapefruit extract aids as a preservative because of its long shelf life. Grapefruit extract is also used in disinfecting and sterilizing operation theater.

7. Grapefruit seed extract to treat digestive disorder caused by eczema:


There is a link between eczema and intestinal imbalance of digestive tract, which can cause bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort. You can also use Feijoa for a healthy digestive system.

Method to use grapefruit extract to treat digestive disorder caused by eczema:

  • Take a 150 milligram of grapefruit extract capsule three times a day.

8. Grapefruit seed extract for relief of nail and foot fungus:


It is effective in treating Athletes foot because of its antibacterial properties.

Method to use grapefruit seed extract for relief of nail and foot fungus:

     For Athletes’ foot:

  • Apply grapefruit extract on affected area three times a day.
  • Apply regularly until it is properly healed.

     For toenail fungus:

  • Apply on infected area of toenail two times a day regularly until it is completely healed.

9. Grapefruit seed extract for fungal infections:


It can be an excellent natural cure for fungal infections because of its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. A fungus found in bird droppings can infect you if you have low immunity. Sometimes it goes unnoticed and at times a patient can have flu which lasts for ten days.

Method to use grapefruit seed extract for fungal infections:

  • Put five to eight drops of grapefruit extract in water and consume.
  • Drink this three times a day for better results.

10. Grapefruit seed extract to treat many other diseases:


Grapefruit can enhance the flexibility of your joints. It is also good for your heart health and lowers the high blood pressure. It improves your night vision and protects you from Sun damage. Grapefruit is used to cure hemorrhoids, protects the elasticity and collagen of your skin.

How to select and use grapefruit seed extract:

It can be taken in different forms like liquid, tablet, capsule which is easily available.

Always read the ingredients before buying. Buy if you have just this two ingredients, grapefruit extract, and vegetable glycerin. Do not buy if it contains chemicals like triclosan, benzethonium chloride or methylparaben.

Always follow the instruction carefully provided while buying grapefruit extract.

  • The dosage for liquid is ten drops on a full cup, two times daily.
  • For tablets or capsules, it could be 100 to 200 milligrams one time daily.

Precautions while taking Grapefruit seed extract:

Before you start taking grapefruit extract consult your doctor first if you are taking following medicines:

  • If you are taking any drugs for heart problems.
  • Taking blood thinners.

Written by Ashley Grace

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