10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry

The bilberry plant is a shrub with purple, blue and red flowers and is grown in North Asia, North America and North Europe. Bilberry plant belongs to the family of blueberries; it is used to make preserves, jams and also has enormous health benefits.

Bilberry consists of many essential nutrients like; vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E and minerals like; iron, copper, chromium and manganese. It is also a rich source of carbonic acids, tannins and catechins.

Bilberry contains the chemicals called anthocyanosis dies which are a plant pigment and has potent antioxidant properties. These antioxidant fights against free radicals and helps the regeneration of damaged cells.

The 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry are as follows:

1. Reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease


Research suggests that a vegetable and fruit juice has a phenolic substance which is responsible for reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. A bilberry fruit contains an antioxidant property that alleviates the behaviour abnormality.

2. Enhanced eye vision


It contains anthocyanosis dies that are beneficial to enhance vision problems like, night vision and capillary fragility. Bilberry is recommended the treatment of retinopathy. It protects from vision disease like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract. Research and studies conducted states that the fruit because of its healthy enzymes protects the eyes from endotoxin. It also improves the production of a pigment called rhodopsin that supports and adapt the eye from light changes.

Here is the health benefits of Bilberry:

3. Remedy to treat diarrhea


Bilberry fruit contains the astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. This constricts and tightens the tissues that decrease the inflammation of the intestine and cures diarrhoea. Since thousands of years, bilberry is used in European countries as a natural remedy for diarrhoea.

4. Protects Kidneys


Bilberry aids as a defensive shield against kidney damage and protects the kidney tissue from oxidative damage because of its antioxidant properties. A study suggests that the fruit helps to balance the creatinine serum.

5. Protects against liver damage


It contains antioxidants which protect against restrained stress which is the cause of liver damage.  Scientific evidence has shown that bilberry increases the vitamin C and healthy glutathione in your body and decrease the excessive nitric oxide from the liver tissue.

6. Improves and protects skin health


It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vital for skin elasticity and radiant skin vitamin E that nurtures and protects the skin. This beneficial fruit also contains antioxidant compounds and also resveratrol, and quercetin tha is anti-aging and fights against the free radicals and protects the skin from all the damages. It is also helpful to cure many kinds of skin conditions like, varicose veins, skin ulcers and skin infections.

7. Improves blood circulation


Bilberry is considered to improve the blood flow issue in cases of venous insufficiency. Studies state that it happens when valves in the vein which carries blood from the legs to the heart is damaged. Bilberry consumption is also sufficient to cure bruising, pain, swelling and burning caused by chronic venous insufficiency.

8. Protects cardiovascular health


Maintaining cardiovascular health is crucial criteria for everyone since significant death and ailments all around the world are caused by cardiovascular diseases. Bilberry contains anthocyanins that are useful to balance the LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol level.  Studies and research suggest the positive and beneficial side of the fruit on cardio vascular health. It is helpful to enhance the coronary flow by anti-arrhythmic and anti-ischemic activity. It is also useful to prevent atherosclerosis.

9. Prevents diabetes


Bilberry leaves are considered to maintain blood sugar levels, and it decreases your glucose response when you eat high sugar food. Bilberry combined with oats can be very useful to prevent diabetes. Research and studies also state that it can cure the symptoms of insulin sensitivity and hyperglycemia in the patient having type 2 diabetes.

10. Prevents cancer


Bilberry contains delphinidin, glycosides and phenolic substance that inhibits the growth of malignant cells. It is useful in diseases like colon cancer, leukemia and breast cancer. Out of all the berries family, this fruit is most efficient in curing the symptoms of various kinds of cancer. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which inhibit and suppress the proliferation of cells. It is also rich source of anthocyanin which is very efficient to treat colon cancer.

Word of caution

Bilberry is a fruit and is safe to eat, but still, there are few points to keep in mind. If you are in anti platelet and anti coagulant drug consult your doctor before consuming, it might interfere or can alter the affectivity of your medicine.

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating.

Always consume bilberry extract in moderate quantity excessive quantity can be toxic and cause fatal complications.

Written by Ashley Grace

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