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10 Amazing Health Benefits of passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit is cultivated throughout the world in the tropical climate, and people enjoy the rich nutrients and benefits stored in it. The fruit is round or oval in shape usually they are dark purple or yellow in color.

Passion fruit is known for its juice and its benefits. The fruit is often squeezed for its nutrient rich juice and also mixed with other juices to enhance the flavour and give its distinct taste.

Passion fruit juice has an array of health benefits such as it stimulate your digestive juices, lowers the blood pressure, improve your vision, and enhance sleeping habits and much more.

Method to make passion fruit juice:

  • Take fully ripe with wrinkles on skin six passion fruit. Cut them lengthwise and scoop out the pulp with the spoon and put in blender jar.
  • Now add water one cup of water and grind for half a minute, so that the seeds are not crushed.
  • Then strain the juice and separate the seeds. Keep the seeds aside. Which you can use to garnish the juice or dessert, the seeds have a lot of health benefits.
  • Now add one more cup of water and sugar as per taste and mix thoroughly. He juice is ready to serve.
  • You can store this juice in the refrigerator for five days.

Herein are the 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Passion Fruit Juice:

1. Stronger bones and teeth


Beta-carotene content in passion fruit juice is essential for the development of bones and teeth. Excess consumption of vitamin A can be toxic to health, but beta carotene is a non-toxic vitamin A. It is useful to combat arthritis.

2. Coolant for the body


Passion fruit juice has the fresh and refreshing taste which aids as a coolant. It gives relief to the burning sensation in stomach and soothes the irritated stomach. In hot summer days rather than having the cold aerated drink, this juice is a natural and beneficial option.

3. Treats insomnia


Drinking passion fruit juice before half an hour going to bed will calm your nerves and release the tension from your muscles and relax your body completely. It will facilitate a lasting uninterrupted peaceful sleep.

4. Stronger digestive system


Passion fruit juice is an excellent coolant which is useful as a natural home remedy for acidity. It has fibre and carbohydrates that treat the constipation and gas issues and makes the bowel movement smooth and efficient. Intake of passion fruit regularly can also treat the duodenal and gastric ulcers.

5. Hair health


Passion fruit juice contains vitamin A, vitamin B2, B6 and vitamin C. It is also loaded with the minerals like potassium and copper which is excellent for hair health. For lustrous and healthy hair growth enough oxygen and nutrients are necessary, therefore drinking this juice will prevent the hair loss and promote the hair growth.

6. Skin health


Vitamin A and vitamin C content in passion fruit juice are essential for healthy and radiant skin. Beta carotene a substance in vitamin A is responsible for regeneration and growth of skin cells. Vitamin C aids as an antioxidant which neutralises the free radical damage and prevent wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing process and makes the skin supple, elastic and naturally glowing.

7. Weight management


Passion fruit juice has all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and carbohydrates which are required by the body after exercise. It keeps you full for longer time and curbs the feeling of bringing unhealthy food. It is also helpful to lower the cholesterol level.

8. Prevent asthma attack


Passion fruit juice is nutritious and delicious juice and is the rich source of vitamin C which calms the respiratory system and soothes the symptom of an asthma attack. Vitamin C is considered to block the histamine that is a primary cause of asthma attack.

9. Wound healing


Vitamin C content in passion fruit juice aids as antioxidant and prevent the body from the onslaught of bacteria or virus. It protects against all the infections and accelerates the healing of wounds, cuts or bruising.

10. Many other benefits


Passion fruit juice contains the right amount of B2, B6, choline and folate which assist the mucous membranes and support digestive tract. Vitamin B is also essential for brain health and also balances the cholesterol level.

Beta-carotene content in passion fruit juice repairs the cells and tissues of your body. It is good for your eyesight and helpful in Parkinson’s disease. It also helps to a certain extent in treating infertility.

Passion fruit juice consists alkaloids which act as the sedative and has antispasmodic action. It is also useful to maintain the blood pressure.

Written by Ashley Grace

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