5 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Cleanse Day

If you want to lose weight or make a healthy decision for your body, you will need to put in a lot of effort and dedication in cleansing days. If you prepare well for a cleanse day, it will not be as difficult for you as you think. Here is a checklist of things that can make cleanse days easy for you.

   1. Plan your cleanse days in advance

The key to achieving success in cleansing days is to plan well in advance. When you know what days you will be cleansing, it can help you mentally prepare for the same. You should jot them down in your calendar so that you do not accidentally schedule a lunch or dinner on a cleanse day.

   2. Begin cleansing with two shake days

When you do at least two shake days, you can prepare the body for a cleanse day. Do not start a cleanse day if you are feeling unwell or have digestive issues. Amy Bunton from IsaTrim explains that the body accumulates certain toxins that make weight loss difficult for many people. These toxins can only be purged through cleansing. Start your cleanse days with as many shake days as you need. It will assist the digestive regularity and will support muscle growth.

   3. Plan cleanse day snacks

There are numerous snack options available for you during cleanse days. Keep snacks on hand so as to curb the cravings but be wary of adding extra calories. Listen to the body and if you feel like the blood sugar is low or a headache is coming, you need to have an extra snack and level it out. Do not be too harsh on your body and answer to the demands of the body in a practical way. This does not mean you give in to your cravings but make healthy eating choices.

   4. Stay hydrated

It is very important to stay hydrated during cleanse days. Have adequate liquids so as to prevent a headache or any other trouble. Do not limit your sources of hydration to plain water. Include juices and herbal tea during the day.

   5. Stay busy

Never put yourself in a position where you could feel tempted to quit a cleanse day. Hence, keep yourself busy and the day will go by. Get your mind away from the fact that you are not eating food and focus on personal health goals.

Try to put in some amount of exercise on the cleanse day. Although a cleanse day is difficult for many, it is not impossible. The last thing you want on the cleanse day is to find yourself improperly prepared. When you know the day when you are starting the cleansing process and how you are going to go about it, there are higher chances of making it a big success. You could also ask a friend, colleague or your family member to join you in the cleansing process.

Written by Ashley Grace

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