How to gain weight fast at home?

Want to know how to gain weight fast at home; well come on let’s find out.

While most of the people look for ways to lose weight, there are some who are looking to put on some pounds. Well, putting on weight isn’t really a tough task, in fact, you can do it at home. Yes, you don’t have to go to the gym and do those painful weight gaining exercises. Want to know how to gain weight fast at home; well come on let’s find out.

Here are top food items that will help you find out the answer to how to gain weight fast at home.

1. Mango and milk:


  • For weight gain, you have to consume one ripe mango at least thrice a day
  • After eating the mango have a warm glass of milk

Look for some amazing mango dishes that you can try.

This is considered one of the best ways to get the answer to how to gain weight fast at home.

2. Potatoes


One of the easiest answers to how to gain weight fast at home is potatoes. Potatoes are boosted with carbohydrates so eat them regularly and get those pounds that you have wanted for so long. You can eat potatoes in any form you like- baked, boiled, grilled, or fried. However, if you opt for French fries; just have them twice a week.

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3. Almond milk:


Drinking almond milk is a great way to put on weight. Take a saucepan and boil the milk along with almonds, dates and dried figs. Strain the boiled milk and drink it regularly for a month. You will see a significant difference in your weight. Also don’t throw away the almonds, dates, and figs that you strain, they make a great snack to munch on. Have you heard about rice milk benefits?

Watch this video to know how to gain weight fast:

4. Go Nuts:


Nuts like almonds, sunflower, walnut, and flax seeds are boosted with calories, and they are popular between the meal snacks. They are your tastiest and most fun answer to how to gain weight fast at home. Nuts contain healthy fats thus helps in healthy weight gain. However, don’t overeat them as they will make you full before your next meal. Nuts and their oils like benefits of coconut oil, benefits of almond oil, benefits of avocado oil, benefits of peanut oil, etc are also highly beneficial for hair and skin.

5. Peanut Butter:


Who doesn’t love peanut butter; right? They are just amazing and filled with high calorie. Put a healthy amount of peanut butter on your bread or anything of that sort and just wait and see the difference it makes to your weight.

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6. An afternoon nap:


When looking for the answer to how to gain weight fast at home here is one of the important ones. Ensure that you take at least 45 minutes nap in the afternoon. This is not just helpful in gaining weight, but it will also help you get a healthy sleep at night as well.

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These were some delicious and easy answers to how to gain weight fast at home. Now you can gain weight without having to do much work. However, make sure that you consume these food items in a moderate amount because an excess of anything can be bad for your health and also don’t be a couch potato just because you are trying to gain weight.


Written by Ashley Grace

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