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Wanna get pregnant but facing problems? Here are 9 How To Get Pregnant Positions?

Another term used for pregnancy is gestation. It is the time which includes the development of the child within the stomach of the woman. A woman can also give birth to two or three babies at the same time to which we call twins or triplets. Pregnancy is the result of sexual intercourse takes place between man and woman. A woman becomes complete only after the stage of pregnancy. The woman gets her identity only by becoming pregnant. She has got the honorable position in the society by becoming pregnant. The matter of discussion is how to get pregnant positions. Now, following discussion reveals the different sexual positions of getting pregnant.

Here are how to get pregnant positions-


Doggy Style

The best answer to the question is the how to get pregnant positions is doggy style. Doggy style is well suited for each and every couple. It is the best source for conceiving a baby. It is helpful for deeper penetration. In this position, sperms can make their way inside easily.

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Missionary Position

If we want to answer the question how to get pregnant positions then it is missionary position. It is the most sophisticated and comfortable position to give birth to a baby. In such a position, our partner lies on our top and we lie on our back. We can easily conceive in this position.

The Anvil


The next answer to the question how to get pregnant positions is the anvil. In such a position, the position of the man is on the top and before the penetration of man, the woman has to raise their legs above her head. This position support deep penetration and G-spot get hit by it. Do you know how to conceive twins or triplets naturally.

Glowing Triangle

Another answer to the question how to get pregnant positions is the glowing triangle. This position is similar to the missionary position. But in this position, the position of man is on all fours along with his legs expanded out. Our legs are wrapped around our partner easily by raising pelvis slightly.


To get the answer to the question how to get pregnant positions, we have the idea of spooning. It is a very romantic way of giving birth to a baby. In this position, a woman on her side get lied and her partner gets spooned on her from behind with pelvis at 90-degree angle.

Magic Mountain

If we want to get pregnant fast then the best position is the magic mountain. This position includes the bending of the man over woman in such a way that her back is against his chest. For making better balance pillows can be used under the head of the woman.

Do you know about the sitting position during pregnancy?


It is a romantic sex position. A table is required for this position. A woman has to lie down on the table. Man will need to move between her feet by lifting her hips. It is the best position for making pregnant. A couple is much more prone to get conceive.


The Union Of The Oyster

This is the position which makes our life colorful. In this pose, by bending the knees a woman uses to lie on her back. The man used to be in the kneeling position during intercourse. It is helpful in conceiving us. It is the best sexual position for getting pregnant.

The Union Of The Wolf

In this position, a woman has to stand with her back with the man. The waist of a woman is held by a woman by the following penetration. After that, the woman allows her chest to fall forward. The better way to the cervix is found by sperms only by this position which ensures fast conception.

Thus, the above-written matter focussed on how to get pregnant positions. To get esteem in the society, it is necessary to be pregnant. These positions make the woman pregnant quickly and also provide a great deal of sexual pleasure.

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