How to Grow Nails Faster In a Week?

How to grow nails faster in a week?

The nail is something which makes your hands more beautiful whether you have dark or fair color it hardly matters if you have perfect shaped nails. Moreover, clean and healthy nails reflect your overall health. Our nails are made up of a protein named Keratin. The fingernails take the time to grow as compared to the toenails, and sometimes they grow at a very low speed. There are many reasons due to which nails grow slowly. This can be caused due to hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies or health issues, etc. Faster nail growth can be seen among children or pregnant women’s. Girls are always worried about their nails as it is something that enhances their beauty especially when they have to attend a party in a week. Thus, they search ways for how to grow nails faster in a week. Here is a list of some great ways which will help you to grow your nails faster.

1. Olive oil


Olive oil is one of the best ingredients to treat all health related problems. It is a rich source of protein which is good for the growth of nails. Apply olive oil to your nails before going to bed. Gently massage your nails for around five minutes and wear cotton gloves overnight. For faster growth of nails use this remedy once in a day. Other than nails, olive oil for skin and olive oil for hair is also widely used.

2. Coconut Oil and Honey


Are you searching ways for how to grow nails faster in a week? Here’s your remedy to have big nails in a week. Benefits of honey can give wonderful results. Coconut oil and honey both are rich in proteins which are best for your nails growth. Just take one-fourth cup of pure coconut oil and mix it with the same amount of honey and few drops of rosemary essential oil. Mix all the ingredients nicely and warm it in a microwave. Soak your nails for few minutes in it, for better results follow this remedy twice a day. Not only nails, coconut oil for skin, coconut oil for hair, coconut oil for face, coconut oil for acne, coconut oil for sunburn, coconut oil for weight loss, and coconut oil for dogs is also highly beneficial.

Check this video to know how to grow nails fast:

3. Organic Orange Juice


Orange juice is popular for curing many diseases and is used widely in skin care products. It contains phytochemicals that protect your body against cancer. It is rich in potassium and boosts heart health. Take out one cup fresh orange juice and soak your nails in it for 15 minutes and then wash it with fresh warm water. Dry our nails and apply some moisturizer. Follow this process once in a day for faster nail growth. I think how to grow nails faster is not a difficult task for you now with the help of orange juice remedy. You must read about how to grow nails fast with salt?

4. Lemon Juice


Another great way for how to grow nails faster in a week is lemon juice with olive oil. For this remedy, you will only need one spoon fresh lemon juice and 2 to 3 spoons olive oil. Mix the solution and heat for few minutes. Let the solution get cold and then soak your nails in it for few minutes. For fast repercussions follow this process every day. Drinking water with lemon has many other benefits also.

5. Biotin


For the growth of nails, vitamins are necessary, and one such vitamin is biotin which is best for the growth of nails. It is also known as vitamin H and helps in nail growth as it improves the Keratin infrastructure. Biotin is present in carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, strawberries, oats (steel cut oats and rolled oats), walnuts and milk. Add all such food items in your diet to improve the growth of your nails.

6. Horsetail


Horsetail is an effective way to treat an effective herb for the growth of nails. It is a big source of minerals including calcium and silica. Add 3 spoons of dried horsetail in two cups of boiling water. Let it cool for few minutes and then soak your nails in it for 15 minutes. For quick results follow this process once in a day.

So, we guess you might have gotten an answer to how to grow nails faster in a week?  Try these remedies and see your nails growing faster.

Written by Ashley Grace

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