Amazing Hairstyle for Men to Try This Year

While people think that there is not much that men can do about their hair, well they need to think again. Over the years, so many new hairstyles for men have come up giving them new and more interesting look. Let’s have a look at some of the best hairstyles for boys-

1.  The Modern Undercut


The modern cut includes short and long styles that stand up from all angles. The back and sides of the head are shaved and the top is swept right, left, or backward according to the preference. It is a quick and easy hairstyle to do. You can set your hair using a gel or pomade. It is one of the most popular hairstyles of men. The hairstyle first came up in the year 1900s among the working-class men. One of the things that makes this hairstyle attractive is that it foregrounds the ears at the same time the middle section of the hair stays long.

2.  The Classic Quiff


The classic quiff is one of those hairstyles for boys who wants to add a certain level of volume to their hair. From the side, the hair remains shorter and the top of the hair is combed forward leaving the front part. The front strands are unevenly brushed. For styling, you will need some cream or wax. If done properly the classic quiff looks really stylish on men. They are messy and that’s why women dig this hairdo. The hairstyle has a rugged look to it that shows that you are low in maintenance.

3.  The Pompadour


This hair do is quite similar to the quiff; the only difference is, it is neater. It is one of the preferred new hairstyles for boys. The hair in it is swept high over the forehead neatly making sure no strands are out of place. You have to get the direction using a blow-drier and set it with some wax or pomade. When your hair is sleekly pulled back you tend to get more confidence. While it seems a bit high-maintenance, it is charming.

4.  The Crew Cut


The crew cut is one of those new hairstyles for men who want to get more flexibility. They are great for men who have medium, short, or tapered hair length. The top area of your head stands upright; you can use gel or wax to make sure it is spiked up. There is nothing else you need to do in this hairstyle. This is one of those hairstyles that women love. When combines with a perfect suit, men appear dashing, sophisticated, and classy. This hairstyle provides a class to a normal short hair.

5.  The Buzz Cut


The buzz cut is also known as a military cut or butch cut. The hair is trimmed short around ¼ and ¾ inches along the head. The back and side are tapered using a clipper to give a slight fade. One of the main reasons why this is hairstyle is loved by men is because of the fact that there is no maintenance to it.

The Buzz cut shows manliness and disciplines. You might have seen this cut on military men, it goes well with their uniforms and personality. It makes a man appear strong and authoritative which is a good vibe to give away.

6.  The Side Part


This style part has always been a part of new hairstyles for men. This is one of those hairstyles that never go out of the list. They are especially popular among the men who are trying hide their bald spots. However, thick haired men also look smart in this look. The hair on the sides is combed as per the natural direction. You can use pomade or gel to keep things set. This hairstyle shows that a man is not trying too hard to impress anyone. It is professional and tidy which is a great look to have.

7.  The Tousled look


The tousled look is also known as the bad boy look. This has become of the popular new hairstyles for boys these days. you need mid-length hair and sides partly trimmed. Using a gel or pomade on your hair and mess it up a bit, to get that “just got out of the bed” look.  This style is popular because it is raw and young. That bad boy vibe gets women around curious. And not to forget there is always a mystery attached to the hair.

Written by Ashley Grace

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