10 Home Remedies for Hairfall That Will Treat Every Problem in Just One Week

Thick head of hair that shines with natural health is a massive boost to our confidence. Unfortunately, hair fall is a problem that many people deal with. There are many home remedies for hairfall.

Many factors result in hair fall such as aging, genetics, stress, nutritional deficiencies, smoking, hormonal imbalance, scalp infections, certain medicines, thyroid disorder, polycystic ovary syndrome, and so on. While some of these are temporary, some are more serious issues, which can lead to baldness.

When you start to lose more than normal strands of hair (50-100 strands per day), it is time for you to look towards the problem a bit more seriously and make necessary changes towards it.

There are many solutions to hair problems, but natural ways are more effective. Isn’t it nice to know that you can find the solution to your problem in your kitchen itself?

Below we present top 10 effective home remedies to treat hair fall-

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Fenugreek


Fenugreek also referred as methi, is a very effective home remedy for hair fall. Fenugreek has hormone antecedents that stimulate hair growth and rebuild the hair follicles. It is also rich in protein and nicotinic acid; both help in hair growth. Fenugreek seeds benefits are not limited to hair fall, they have many other benefits also.

  • Soak fenugreek seed in water overnight
  • In the morning, crush them and make a paste
  • Apply the paste on your scalp and cover it with the shower cap. Leave it for 40 minutes, and then rinse your hair
  • Follow this for a month

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Oil Massage


Another step you can take towards reducing hair fall is massaging your scalp with hair oil. A proper hair massage will help in increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles, strengthen the hair’s roots, and condition the scalp. It will also provide relaxation and help in reducing stress. You can go for coconut oil for hair, almond oil for hair, argan oil for hair, jojoba oil for hair, olive oil for hair, tea tree oil for hair, avocado oil for hair, and grape seed oil for hair.

  • Massage your head with hair oil both on your hair and scalp by applying gentle pressure with your fingertips.
  • Do this once a week.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Onion Juice


Onion juice has sulfur in it; that helps in treating hair loss. The sulfur increases the blood circulation to the hair follicles, restores hair follicles and lessens inflammation.

Onion juice also contains antibacterial properties that kill germs and treat scalp infection that also leads to hair fall.

  • Apply onion juice to your scalp directly. Let it rest for 30 minutes, and then rinse it off. Shampoo afterward.
  • Mix three tablespoon of onion juice with two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture on your scalp and let it rest for 30 minutes. Wash it off and shampoo your hair.
  • Onion juice and olive oil work great too.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Indian Gooseberry


Indian gooseberry or amla is effective for hair growth and also stimulates faster hair growth. Indian gooseberry is loaded with Vitamin C, deficiency of which leads to hair loss. Amla oil benefits for hair and benefits of amla powder are must to read.

Indian gooseberry has antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and exfoliating properties that help in maintaining a healthy and strong scalp.

  • Mix amla or Indian gooseberry pulp and lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture on your scalp thoroughly. Cover it with a shower cap
  • Let it rest overnight and shampoo it in the morning.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Licorice Root


Licorice root is one of those herbs that treat hair fall and protects hair from further damage.

Licorice root has mollifying qualities that open up the pores, soothe the scalp and treats irritations such as dry flakes. This is a good remedy for hair loss, baldness, and dandruff.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Beetroot



Beetroot juice has protein, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin B and C and calcium. All these nutrients are extremely vital for a healthy hair growth.

  • Drink fresh beetroot juice. Also add the juice of spinach, lettuce, alfalfa, and carrot in your diet
  • Grind beetroot leaves with henna to make a paste
  • Apply the paste on your scalp. And let it rest for 15 to 29 minutes and then rinse it off.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Aloe Vera


Aloe vera has enzymes that stimulate healthy hair growth. Plus, it has alkalizing properties that help in bringing back the scalp and hair’s pH to a more healthy level, which can promote hair growth

Aloe vera is can also treat scalp itching, redness of the scalp, inflammation, and strengthen the hair. Aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice both work well.

  • Apply aloe vera juice or gel onto your scalp
  • Let it rest for few hours and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Chinese Hibiscus


The Chinese hibiscus flower contains many natural properties that are effective in treating hair fall. This flower can also cure split ends, dandruff, thicken hair, and prevents graying.

  • Add 10 Chinese hibiscus flowers to two cups of coconut oil
  • Heat it until charred. Strain the oil
  • Apply the oil onto your scalp thoroughly and leave it overnight
  • Wash it off in the morning. Repeat this few times a week

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is enriched with proteins and healthy fats that help in hair growth and treat hair loss. Coconut oil is one of those home remedies that will provide quick results.

  • To make a fresh coconut milk at home, add grated coconut to the pan of water
  • Simmer it for 5 minutes and then strain
  • Let it cool before applying it to your scalp
  • Leave it for 20 minutes, before rinsing it off with shampoo

You can add preordered black pepper and fenugreek seed to make this treatment more effective.

Home Remedies for Hairfall- Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are enriched with omega-3 fat acids that can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

  • Eat one tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseed with water daily in the morning.
  • Or you can add flaxseeds to your salads, smoothies, etc
  • You can massage your scalp with flaxseed oil as well

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