Homeopathic Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

When you care deeply about your own health, prescription medications aren’t always the best option. Prescription drugs always come with a host of undesirable side effects, and those are sometimes worse than the condition you’re treating. Addiction is a great example of a side effect that’s worse than the condition.

The Chronic pain is a struggle for many Americans, and the medical community has even begun treating the condition with opioid painkillers. This is an unfortunate turn of events because opioids are extremely addictive. It’s easy for a person to build a tolerance, so you’ll inevitably need higher doses to get the same effect. Chronic pain is pain that is constant or recurring. It is not temporary.

To truly treat chronic pain, you must first treat the root cause of the problem. This is where homeopathy comes in. The following are homeopathic treatments for chronic pain.

Lymphdiaral basistophen

This combination of homeopathic remedies is used to relieve swelling, inflammation, and infection, and one German study concluded that this remedy improved chronic back pain treatment.

Traumeel ointment

This arnica-based ointment is used to treat chronic joint, back and muscle pain. Arnica is an herbal remedy that has been used for centuries to help heal wounds and soothe sore muscles. Many people also use this remedy to help heal sprains and bruises.

Bryonia alba

This herbal remedy is used for pain that’s typically found in the joints or muscles. The byronia plant is often used as a laxative.


Guaiacum is another remedy that’s often used for joints, but in this case, it’s most often used when the person is experiencing achy, stiff joints that get worse with pressure.


Also known as St. John’s wort, this herbal remedy is most often used as a mood regulator. In homeopathy, however, it’s used to treat shooting-type pain that may come from injuries involving nerve damage.


This homeopathic remedy is used for any condition that affects the joints, especially if there’s pain with movement.

Rhus Toxicodendron 

This remedy is derived from poison ivy and used to treat a number of pain-related issues, including arthritis and back pain.

Benefits of homeopathic treatments for pain

Chronic Pain

One of the most obvious benefits to treating pain with homeopathy is that it’ll help avoid dangerous prescription painkillers. For years, doctors over-prescribed these “pain pills,” and this led to the opioid addiction epidemic we’re faced with today.

Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are natural and come with few (if any) side effects.

Instead of treating one symptom, homeopathic treatments seek to address the root of the issue and bring the patient’s body back into balance. A practitioner will discuss a patient’s overall health and prescribe a personalized treatment plan that involves pain relief among other natural remedies.

Although health insurance typically doesn’t cover homeopathy, these treatments are often less expensive than traditional pharmaceuticals.

Before you try any one treatment for chronic pain, ask about how the medication will affect you. Homeopathic treatments come with fewer dangerous side effects than prescription painkillers, and they may be a more effective long-term treatment.

Written by Ashley Grace

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