How to get rid of gas immediately?

Trying to keep yourself away from your favorite food is a difficult task and being a food lover, it is harder. Love to eat spicy food but could not eat because of gas issues.  It is always advised not to intake anything that contains fresh ingredients as it can make your situation worst. Ones or twice you can control, but if it is the issue of all time, then it’s not possible to avoid and you put all your focus on food which drags you towards severe gastric issues. The formation of gas in your body can be due to any reason and will make you feel uneasy and irritating. Before searching for the solutions of how to get rid of gas immediately, it is important to understand that why it is forming, that is, causes? What are symptoms? How can it be cured?

Causes of Gas


The main reason for gas is food. Yes! Yes! Food! Many times you must have eaten food which your digestive system can’t handle and afterward suffering from severe pain. Every individual is affected differently by a particular food as everyone’s capacity to digest is different. Sometimes we intake various combinations of food together, and this makes us suffer a lot.

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So, it is important to have proper knowledge of food and which should be taken together and which not. For, eg, – taking milk with curd can form a gas. Swallowing too much of air is also another reason which can cause excessive gas. When we eat and drink we ingest a lot of air, and around fifty percent of gas is formed by swallowing too much air. Example: chewing gum, smoking, eating and drinking very fast, etc. Don’t stress yourself much we will share some amazing ways how to get rid of gas immediately?

Natural Remedies of Gas


There are various gas remedies, but the most common and natural ways are passing gas, discomfort in your abdomen, bloating, etc. The symptoms of gas can also vary from person to person.

How to get rid of gas immediately? Go for these home remedies:

 1. How to get rid of gas immediately- Gulp hot water

Drinking water is one of the most and effective remedies to say goodbye to gas immediately. It is one of the quickest solution and easy as well. Just take a cup of hot water and gulp it.

2. How to get rid of gas immediately- Yogurt

Yogurt is helpful for many things, and it is one of the best solutions for gas pain. If you are a frequent sufferer of yogurt, then you should eat yogurt every day. It is helpful for instant relief as it contains several pro-biotic elements which have proven to be useful in curing gas.

3. How to get rid of gas immediately- Chewing ginger

Since ancient period ginger has been one of the best natural ways to deal with gas. It provides instant relief from gas pains because of its anti-inflammatory capacity. Take a slice of ginger and chew it. If you can’t eat it, then drink ginger tea as it will also help you to reduce the pain to a large extent.

4. How to get rid of gas immediately- Drink Lemon juice

A small glass of lemon juice very much assists in getting rid of gas instantly. Many studies have proved that fruit is good for gas relief as it contains citric acid which is remarkably determined to break down gas. Drinking water with lemon has many other benefits also.

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Medicated WaysTo Treat Gas 


1. How to get rid of gas immediately- Antibiotics

Antibiotics are also one of the instant pain reducers from gas, but it should be only taken after consulting a doctor for your uneasiness.

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2. How to get rid of gas immediately- Antacid

If the gas has become the daily part of your life and created trouble for you, then you should go antacid daily after thirty minutes of eating. Antacid will help you to prevent the apparition of gas discomfort.

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3. How to get rid of gas immediately- Other ways

Apart from natural and medicated ways, there are some other ways which will contribute how to get rid of the gas immediately like eat slowly, and it is recommended by doctors also that eating food slowly will keep you away from gas issues. Exercising twice a day will help your digestive system to work properly. Avoid carbonated beverages and foods that cause pain.

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