How to put on weight in 10 days?

Some people are tired of being underweight, while some people are tired of overweight. But mostly we hear problems related to underweight; be it health or social issues. All we need at that time is to put on weight in minimum time. We can face many health as well as social problems if we don’t put on sufficient weight. A body needs to be healthy all the time. Let’s discuss some of the effective tips on how to put on weight in 10 days.

1. Consumption of extra calories:


If you want to know how to put on weight in 10 days, then first you should eat around 1000 calories a day. This can result in an increase of weight for more than half a kilogram in a week. The calorie need as per body will be different. However, when it comes to consuming calories, you don’t have to run towards junk food. Make sure you eat healthy foods that are rich in calories. This will make sure that your health is not affected.

2. Twice consumption of balanced diet:


Whatever you are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner just try to double the quantity. The more you eat, the more you put on weight. It may be a tough time to emphasize on how to put on weight in 10 days, especially when you have to double the food intake. Keep your motivation up and don’t lose your hope at any point. Now you have to double your diet and eat 6 times a day. Every 500 calories will add 1 pound to your weight, so make sure that you consume more calories. You can check your calories proportion on a daily basis and figure out how much you need more.

3. Creatine medicines and carrot juice:


These medications are used by many athletes to gain weight. These drugs are an answer to the question how to put on weight in 10 days. They can act as magic pills when it comes to putting on weight in 10 days. You can also consume carrot juice before 20 minutes of your meal. Your digestive organs will be developed, and it will soak all the calories from the food that you consume. To gain extra kilograms, you need to emphasize on hefty foods. High-fat foods will help you to put on more weight. These medicines don’t have any side effects and they are widely used for putting on weight.

Check this video and get information about how to gain weight in just 10 days:

4. Quick snack:


This is the most effective strategy when you want to know how to put on weight in 10 days. This approach is popularly used to increase the weight in just ten days. You need to have multiple snack time in a day. If you keep on eating snacks multiple times a day you can put on weight soon. Make a checklist of the calories obtained in every type of diet.

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5. Strength training:


If you train yourself in a strong way, you can boost up your muscles. The width of the muscles will reshape your body. Aerobic exercise is the best one you can opt for putting on weight in 10 days. Have a fit and fine exercise on a daily basis.

Now, you know how to put on weight in 10 days; being underweight is not an option for you. Get on and put some weight.

Written by Ashley Grace

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