How to Remove Tan from Feet?

In summers we effectively get the sun tan. College students or youngsters who remain a lot in the sun, for them sun tanning is a typical issue. The vast majority of the circumstances, we see that the tan is there on the feet and feet more since the sun beams fall straightforwardly over them. Because of which feet/legs get darker. Sunned skin look unusual when we wear summers clothes or flip tumble. The tan on the feet and feet doesn’t go efficiently as because of the direct sun beams, darkness gets somewhat hard to get rid of, as a preventive measure you should utilize sunscreen generously on the feet and feet with the goal that sun tan can be avoided. If you suffer feet darkness, then follow our how to remove tan from feet.

How to Remove Tan from Feet-

Following is the solution of How to remove tan from feet-

1. Tomatoes


Rubbing tomatoes on the tanned feet and feet shows the change in reducing the tan and a great deal of skin darkness. Tomatoes are considered as the regular dye for the skin which is likewise known to help the murkiness thus tomato juice is incredibly recommended to dismiss tan from feet and feet, in certainty the whole body. You can also attempt tomato scrub which will clean the dead skin from the body, and the juice of tomato will gradually blur the tan. Blend some sugar with tomato squeeze and rub on the skin. Leave for 30 minutes at that point wash with water.

2. Lemon Juice


It is one of the best solutions of How to remove tan from feet. Lemon juice is another incredible solution for normally clearing the tan off the feet. Lemon squeeze too also lightens skin. Take some lemon squeeze and rub on the tanned areas like arms and feet. Keep this for thirty minutes after that wash with water. Honey and lemon juice blend also functions excellently too for tan exclusion. Doing this straightforward excellence tip each day will help the tan.

3. Potato Juice


Mesh a potato to extract the fresh potato juice. Utilize this potato juice to softly rub on the affected areas where there are tanning and skin darkness. Rub the potato juice. Wash it following 30 minutes. This can be kept overnight also for better outcomes.

Check this video to know remove tan from feet and legs:

 4. Apple Cider Vinegar


This delight ingredient many types of benefits and can likewise be utilized to remove the tan of the feet and arms gently. Before going to shower apply some apple cider vinegar on the tanned areas and keep it for 20 minutes. After that wash it and take a shower. Do you know how to drink apple cider vinegarYou can also look for Apple cider vinegar drink recipe.

5. Protein Pack


A protein face pack helps the skin to lighten and removes sun tanning. Take one teaspoonful of masoor dal powder (Red lentil) blend this with honey and make a paste. Apply this solution on the feet, arms, and hands. Keep it to get dry for 20-25 minutes. Wash it off with gently scrubbing the pack off the skin. This should be done three times in seven days for better outcomes and tan faster removal. Look for how to heal a sunburn?

Hopefully, you have got the correct answer of How to remove tan from feet.

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