How to lose weight fast without exercise?

This question of how to lose weight fast without exercise must have crossed in the mind of all those who want to lose weight but too lazy to exercise. Right? Sure exercising good and probably better, however, knows how to lose weight fast without exercise is probably the option that most people would run towards. So if you are one of the people who absolutely hate exercise and cannot get your butt to the gym; then this article is surely for you.

Come let’s find out how to lose weight fast without exercise-

1. Improve your posture


The first step towards knowing how to lose weight fast without exercise is to correct the posture. Maintain a straight posture, and you would already look leaner. Besides, when you have a good posture, you are already automatically working towards toning the muscles of your stomach. Keep reminding yourself that you must sit straight all the time. You can also look for – How to lose 10 pounds in a week without exercise? 

2. Pick out smaller plates from the shelf:


If you reduce the size of your plate, you reduce about 23 percent of the food that you serve yourself. It is a psychological way of cutting down the amount of food that you are consuming.

Same goes to your serving spoon; by using a smaller spoon, you can decrease about 14 percent less intake of food with your each meal. This will eventually add up to your weight loss. You cam also use a house of phentermine in the right amount along with a balanced diet to treat obesity.

3. Drink it up:


If there is one simple answer to knowing how to lose weight fast without exercise then it this- keeps the water coming. If you are dehydrated, it causes your body to accumulate water. Consequently, you carry extra weight with you. So make sure you drink enough water; aim at consuming eight glasses of water or other healthy fluids on a daily basis. Drinking water with lemon also promotes weight loss. And, you can also try cucumber water benefits or bitter gourd juice benefits for weight loss.

4. Make sure you sleep well:


Have you ever noticed that when you are sleepy, you eat more? Well, this observation is backed by science as well; studies show that when you are tired, you tend to eat more. Sleepy people tend to produce more ghrelin which is a hormone that increases your appetite. However, the problem is not just limited to physiological; it is psychological as well. The part of our brain that is involved in pleasure and rewards tends to light up when we eat. Your tired brain wouldn’t be able to control the impulses, and you will see that a properly rested person would be able to control their eating habits.

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5. Eat a healthy breakfast:


This is the last step of knowing how to lose weight fast without exercise. Eating a good breakfast doesn’t mean that you have to eat all sorts of heavy breakfast. Make sure your breakfast is rich in protein so that you can control your hunger all day long. You can include egg or peanut butter in your breakfast and don’t allow over three hours between your meals. And also have small snacks between your meals.

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So by now, you must have gotten the answer to the question how to lose weight fast without exercise. Try these tips and see the magical change in your body.


Written by Ashley Grace

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