Nodular acne causes and treatment

Acne is the most common type of disease among youngsters especially, but the severity of the acne completely depends on the type of acne one gets. Nodular acne is one of the severe and painful types of acne. Nodular acne is the critical case of acne and is caused by the existence of big, inflamed and aching breakouts.

It is more dangerous and larger than the simple acne. Nodular acne affects the root layers of the skin. It takes a long time to cure; may be months or a year in the worst case. The area affected by this acne turns to be hard and creates itching and pain under the skin. It can be seen on the face, back or any other part of the body. This can cause major scarring on the affected zone and should always be treated by the dermatologists. It is well known as the severe acne. Have you heard about papules acne and cystic acne?

This acne is usually found on the large area of your bodies like chest or back and is very much painful. As the acne gets serious, it forms inflammatory lesions which appear as pustules acne or nodules or cystsPustules acne is tiny and does not cause much pain, but cysts and nodules seem ugly and painful. The cause of pustule acne is same. It is also generated due to the excessive production of sebum and releases oil which gets mixed with the bacteria and dead skin and forms pustules acne. Pustules acne is small in size and does not cause severe pain. Let’s check out what causes nodular acne and what is its type?

Causes of Nodular acne


1. Hormonal changes

A hormonal change is one of the most important causes of nodular acne or acne. It is produced during adolescence and period cycle as during this particular time body releases a large amount of acne generating hormones known as androgens. Thus, the principal cause of acne.

2. Excessive production of sebum

The androgenic hormones can cause the enlargement of sebaceous glands when they strike the skin it causes excessive production of sebum and results in this acne.

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3. Genetic factor

The genetic factor is another cause of nodular acne. If the problem of acne is common in your family, then there are much more chances for you to develop acne.

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4. Stress and emotional issues

Stress and emotional issues are not direct causes of nodular acne, but acne stress can worsen your condition.

Treatments of nodular acne


To treat nodular acne is bit tricky and tougher than simple acne. The moment you suspect that you are suffering from nodular acne than the first thing you must do is visiting a good dermatologist. In the case of nodular acne counter acne treatments are not helpful. For this particular instance, you need a proper prescription medication.

1. Isotretinoin 

Isotretinoin is considered as the best treatment for this acne. The dermatologist mostly suggests this treatment as no other treatment can cure better than this.

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2. Oral antibiotics

Oral antibiotics are another option for the treatment of nodular acne. It is meant to be used for long terms, and they provide quick results in reducing inflammation. An oral antibiotic treatment helps in healing and makes your skin look better.

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3. Cortisone injections

The Cortisone injections are another great option to cure nodular acne. These injections quickly heal your skin and get you relief from the unbearable pain. Don’t try this yourself prefer to take this treatment from a dermatologist. Aloe vera for acne has amazing effects.


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