Yoga best way to relieve gas

There are some of the Positions to relieve gas to which we will discuss today.

Now and again, we all pass gas. Flatulence is a typical piece of the stomach related process. When we process food digestion, it is decreased to its subatomic shape—this additionally brings about the arrival of hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide gas that should be removed from the body some way or another. Fortunately for us, our stomach related track is arranged in a way that gas can be discharged, deliberately or not. This eases bloating inconvenience, and pain related to gas development

.At times we feel really very uncomfortable holding gas inside us, we look or search for measures to get relieved. Some exercises related to stretching can help aid the cause. Yoga is one of them and helps improve the mobility of intestine that makes the flatulence release more comfortable. Some positions are meant only for releasing gas and avoid bloating.

Causes of gas

Dr. Douglas A. Drossman, a gastroenterologist, and president of education and biopsychosocial practice care states that, the substances which are not absorbed by the intestine shifts to the colon and get acted by bacteria and results with releasing of gas.
Gas is formed in two ways in human body one by swallowing air while eating and the other is from the fermentation and breakdown of food by gut bacteria in the colon.
When some partially digested food gets hold of by the gut bacteria it starts to form gas using plant fiber, gluten, and sugar. If you have a habit of eating fast or smoking than also gas formation will take place in your body. Fatty food and high fiber food are digested slowly by the body hence helps bacteria to produce gas.
Some medical conditions like IBS, Lactose intolerance, GI infection and celiac disease also cause increased flatulence and bloating.


There are few symptoms jotted down below to give you a clear knowledge of which pain is related to gas.
1. Feeling bloated
2. Tightness in the lower abdomen
3. Loss of appetite
4. Pain in chest
5. Belching
6. Increased frequency of passing gas

flatulence at a time can cause severe stomach pain which creates a confusion about which pain is related to flatulence or gallstone or appendicitis. But always remember that these pains of gallstone and appendicitis are far more severe than compared to flatulence. If confused with the type of pain than try these postures to get a clear impression about the sort of pain and if require run to a physician.

Positions to Relieve Gas-

There are some Yoga Positions to relieve gas which are as follows-

1. Wind-removing Position


This is normally used Positions to relieve gas. It is specially designed to relieve gas.

  • Firstly by lying on our back extend your legs
  • Now Bend your right knee and wrap your fingers around your shin, just below the knee cap
  • After that Pull your knee into your chest near your right shoulder, keeping your elbows close to your sides and your shoulder edge on the floor
  • Now Take some deep belly breaths
  • Repeat the same steps by Releasing and switching sides,
  • At the end now, pull both knees into your chest and shawl your arms around your shins and take some deep belly breaths.

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2. Supine Spinal Twist


It is the combination of deep belly breathing and torso rotations.

  • Lie level on your back on the floor.
  • With your arms out to the side, twist one knee and place your foot on the floor.
  • Keeping your shoulders level on the ground, drop your raised knee over your body toward the floor.
  • Hold for 10 seconds, at that point repeat on the opposite side.
  • Once more, this stance utilizes curving to discharge excruciating gas that might be stuck in your stomach zone.
  • This will likewise help extend your stomach area.

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3. Seated Spinal Twist


  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out before you.
  • Traverse your knee, at that point twist the other leg in beside you.
  • Take the arm opposite the knee that is noticeable all around, and put your elbow outwardly of your knee.
  • Reach your hand toward the roof. Reach your other arm behind you, putting your hand on the floor.
  • Utilizing your elbow to push, turn your make a beeline for confronting the divider behind you.
  • Like the other contorting extends, this stance will rub your digestive organs to help get things moving.

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4. Child’s Position


It is also very helpful one of the Positions to relieve gas.

  • To do this extent, take a seat with your knees on the floor.
  • Sit back onto your foot rear areas and spread your knees separated only more extensive than your hips.
  • Achieve your arms out forward and press your temple to the ground. Hold this position for five breaths or more.

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5. Wide-Legged Forward Bend C


  • Remaining with your feet more extensive than your shoulders (three to four feet separated), bring your arms in the face of your good faith and catch your fingers together.
  • Overlap forward at your hips, giving the highest point of your head and your fingers a chance to fall toward the floor.
  • Remain in this position for five breaths.
  • As indicated by Pop Sugar, this is an anxiety alleviating position, which can help if your gas is a factor of stress.
  • Moreover, this position crushes your gut, which can help move things along in the assimilation procedure.

Watch this video to know top yoga positions to relieve gas:

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6. Open Triangle


  • In a standing position, spread your legs wide to the sides, confronting one of your feet outward.
  • Twist your body toward the leg by Keeping your legs straight that is confronting outward and put your inward hand on the floor (if you can’t achieve the floor, reach down to your shin).
  • With the other hand, reach the roof.
  • Admire your fingertips and hold the position for five full breaths.
  • Open triangle twists and winds your intestinal tract, diminishing the bloat in your stomach, clarifies Pop Sugar.

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7. Standing Toe Touch


It is one of the simple positions to relieve gas

  • Remain with your feet set solidly on the floor.
  • Twisting at the hips, achieve your hands toward your toes.
  • On the off chance that you can’t achieve the floor, lean forward the extent that you can, and adjust your hands on a household item on the off chance that you have to.
  • Wellbeing clarifies that this posture can reinforce your spine and back muscles, which will alleviate pressure on your back and neck.
  • If your gas torment is influencing your back, this is the position for you.

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8. Seated Toe-touch


  • Sit on the floor with your feet straight out before you.
  • Bond your legs; at that point achieve your hands toward your toes.
  • If you can’t achieve your toes, go the extent that you can and lay your hands on your legs.
  • Attempt to hold your back as straight as could reasonably be expected, regardless of the possibility that it implies you can’t twist as far forward.
  • This should wind down and must signify the moderates worry in your stomach related tracts

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9. Cat-Cow Stretch


  • Get down staring you in the face and knees, holding your back level.
  • Curve your back, so your stomach catch comes to toward the floor, and tilt your head up.
  • Hold this for 10 seconds, at that point backpedal to a level back.
  • Next, twist your back with the goal that your spine comes to toward the roof, and tilt your head down.
  • Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat afresh.

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10. Half Gas Release Pose


This position is fundamentally the same as the wind relieving position, yet as it just uses one leg it might enable you to get a more profound extent.

  • Lying level on your back on the floor, twist one knee up toward your chest.
  • Get the back of your knee with your hands and force it nearer to your chest.
  • Make a point to keep your other leg level on the floor amid this extent.

Next time you’re troubled with gas, attempt these 10 Positions to relieve gas.

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