Sitting Position During Pregnancy

Sitting Position During Pregnancy

For each and every woman pregnancy is a great honor. To carry the child within the stomach is considered to be a great experience for the woman. A pregnant woman requires so much of care and attention. There are changes in the physique due to pregnancy. The weight of the woman increases at this time. The woman has to cope up with these changes for making herself comfortable. She has to take full care while standing, sitting and sleeping. For relieving the body pain you have to sit properly during pregnancy. Sitting position during pregnancy is a matter of great concern. Now we will discuss the sitting position during pregnancy.


The ligaments and muscles of pregnant woman get affected by hormonal changes takes place during this period. She has to face so much of difficulties due to increase in her weight. There is a need of maintaining good posture at the time of pregnancy. Good sitting position during pregnancy is essential for avoiding complications at the time of delivery. Good sitting position during pregnancy means the right ways of sitting at the time of pregnancy.

If the back of the woman is straight and shoulders are at the back then it is considered to be the best way of sitting during pregnancy. We have to take care of the fact that the back of the woman should be straight which ensures the leaning of buttocks on the back of the chair. If the chair, on which the pregnant woman sits, rolls and pivots then, she is not allowed to get twisted at the waist. The whole body has to be turned by her for moving. While sitting she should have a back support at the curve of her back. As a back support, she can use a small pillow, lumbar roll, and towel roll.

Good Sitting Positions During Pregnancy In The Absence Of Lumbar Roll Back Support


  • On the completion of slouching, a pregnant woman has to sit at the end of the chair.
  • As far as possible, the curve of the back of woman has to be accentuated by drawing her body up. For a few seconds, she has to hold that position.
  • Her back is allowed to be relaxed slightly about 10°.
  • She has to take care of the even distribution of weight of the body on hips.
  • The position of her knees and hips are set at 90° angles by keeping the feet flat. She is not allowed to cross her legs.
  • Any sitting position during pregnancy is not allowed to be kept longer than 30 minutes.
  • At the time of working, she has to adjust her chair height in such a way that she sits close to the working desk. She has to relax her shoulders by resting her arms on the chair or desk.
  • After getting seated, if she wants to stand up then she has to move towards the edge of the chair and by straightening the legs she has to stand up.

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Check this video to know the right way to sit during pregnancy:

Sitting Positions During Pregnancy To Avoid

Sitting With Legs Hanging

If a pregnant woman sits in this position then the blood flow to the legs get increased which leads to the occurrence of swelling. Swelling is a common symptom in pregnancy but the condition becomes worse if we follow this type of sitting.

The slouch

This position has to be avoided for protecting your spine. If we follow this type of sitting then, it will create complications at the time of delivery. In other words, we have to avoid this sitting position for having the normal pregnancy.


Bent Forward Sitting Position

The putting up of pressure takes place on abdomen by bending forward. It not only provides discomfort but also not well for the health of the baby. In other words, for maintaining the health of the baby we should avoid sitting in this type of position.

Half Sitting Position

The back has got pressure in this position. So many people prefer to sit in this position. If we sit in this position for a long time then it will lead to sharp pain. In other words, for avoiding sharp pain, we should not prefer to sit in this position.


Sitting Without A Backrest

A pregnant woman experiences more backaches if she sits without backrest as the back can get strained by it. She should not sit on that stool or chair which has low backs. For keeping the spine straight, she should use the chair for sitting which has enough support.

Thus, we have discussed sitting position during pregnancy in the above-written matter. We should take due care while sitting at the time of pregnancy. There is the close connection between sitting position and pregnancy.

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