How To Sleep Fast?

How to sleep fast?

Sound sleep is essential for our health. According to Lisa Meltzer (An associate professor of paediatrics at National Jewish Health in Denver and an education scholar for the National Sleep Foundation), sleeplessness caused due to medications or certain medical condition but anxiety is the most common cause. If we are tensed and worried then, in that situation, we cannot sleep. It is necessary to get relieved from all sorts of tensions and worries for getting sound sleep. If we deal with the question how to sleep fast then its answer include the ways adopted to fall asleep quickly.

Now we will discuss how to sleep fast-

Cool The Bedroom


If we discuss how to sleep fast then, first of all, we have to cool our bedroom. It is necessary to maintain the internal temperature of the body. The temperature of the body decreases slightly if we fall asleep. If we want to sleep fast then the temperature of our bedroom should be 60 to 67 degree F. We should sleep in dark room. Darkness enables our brain to produce melatonin. The internal temperature of our body cools down due to melatonin. You must also read about some essential oils for sleep.

Wear Socks To Bed


We use to wear socks in winter for making our body warm. We can sleep fast by wearing socks in our hands and feet. The blood vessels on the surface of the skin get widened by placing hot bottle at our feet by which there is the increase in heat loss. This results in shifting of blood flow to extreme regions by which our body gets cool down. This cooling activates the melatonin. Melatonin enables us to sleep fast. Therefore, if a discussion is made on how to sleep fast then we have to include wearing socks to bed.

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Warm Shower Before Bed


If we are concerned with how to sleep fast then, it includes warm shower before bed. The temperature of our body decreases if we take the hot shower an hour before bed. If our body temperature decreases rapidly then, our metabolism becomes slow which enables us to sleep fast. Hot shower provides a sort of relaxation to our body. Our ability to get asleep becomes fast if we take the hot shower every night by following a regular routine. In other words, warm shower before bed is the best way to sleep fast.

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Practice Progressive Relaxation


By following the techniques of muscle relaxation we can make our muscles to get relaxed and free from all types of tensions. First of all, we have to apply the relaxation technique on our toes then we have to move towards neck and head. We can also do the same process by starting with neck and head. For at least five minutes we have to tense our muscles. Our body gets relaxed by applying relaxation technique of muscles. If our body gets relaxed then it becomes easy to sleep fast. Therefore, the best answer to the question how to sleep fast is practicing progressive relaxation.

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Giving Acupressure


From acupuncture, the word acupressure is derived. It is an alternative medicine technique in which through particular points in our body, there is a flow of a network of energy. We can restore the balance of our body by pressing these points. Our spirit, body, and mind are also regulated by pressing these points. There are different acupressure techniques which are followed to alleviate sleeplessness. There are so side effects of acupressure. Therefore, if we want to sleep fast then we have to give acupressure to ourselves.

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Thus, we have dealt with how to sleep fast in the above-written matter. We should sleep fast for maintaining our physical and mental health. If we sleep fast then it makes our mind to get fresh. Sound sleep increases our working capacity.

Written by Ashley Grace

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