Why You Should Turn Concentrates to E Juice To Save Money

If you turn concentrates to e juice you could save hundreds of dollars. This is compared to the incredible cost of pre-filled vape cartridges. When you turn concentrates to e juice, you can adjust the strength of the mix, choose your own flavors, and literally turn the cost of one vape cartridge into 6 times the amount of vape juice.

Unfortunately, the most readily available vapes are not equipped to vape thick cannabis concentrates. In order to put your concentrates in them in vape anywhere, you will need a special product called Wax Liquidizer. This product is very affordable, completely safe, and made in the USA.

Wax Liquidizer ships anywhere in the world because it is cannabis-free. It is completely legal and very easy to use.

Turn Concentrates to E Juice: The Cost Breakdown

The average cost of a pre-filled vape cartridge is $35. Likewise, the average cost for a gram of any type of cannabis concentrate is also $35. While at first, this may seem like an even cost breakdown, you have to look at what you’re getting.

Each pre filled vape cartridges is only .5 ml. The contents aren’t pure concentrate either. Inside these cartridges, you will find some concentrate and some vape solution. You won’t know how much concentrate versus solution is in each.

Because we don’t know how much concentrate is actually in the cartridge, we have to leave that part of the equation aside. However, you will see the Incredible cost is still amazing.

If you make your own thc e juice with Wax Liquidizer, each gram of wax turns into 3 ml of juice. That is 6 times the amount in a vape cartridge. Therefore, in order to truly get $35 worth of concentrate in pre-filled vape cartridges, you actually have to spend $210.

Do you feel stupid seeing that number break down? Don’t worry a solution is at hand.

Turn Concentrates to E Juice: How To Use Wax Liquidizer

Why You Should Turn Concentrates to E Juice To Save Money

Luckily, the Wax Liquidizer website is extremely easy to use. Everything is very clear, and the site is easy to navigate. If you have any questions, the frequently asked questions section will answer most of them. If you’re curious about how the product works in most styles of vape mods, there is a  helpful blog.

You will also find the mixing instructions on the website and on every bottle of Wax Liquidizer. The company suggests a mixing ratio of 1 gram of wax to 2 ml of Wax Liquidizer. Depending on your vape, you may be able to make this mix more potent by adding less of the liquidizer solution. If you prefer a week or juice that delivers mild effects, you can always add more liquidizer.

Place one gram of concentrate into a heatproof container. The Wax Liquidizer mix kit sends a small shot glass size container for this purpose. You can use that or anything at hand. Now add 2 ml of Wax Liquidizer.

It’s Time to heat your mix. Most people use their microwave. You can place your mixing glass containing the liquidizer and concentrate into the microwave for 3 to 10 seconds. He’d only long enough for the mix to combine.

If you prefer, you can place the heatproof glass into a small saucepan full of water on the stove top. By gently heating the water, the mix will also warm and combine. You will need to stir the mix.

Now you simply have to transfer your juice into your vape tank. Any style of vape will do. Once you mix is in your tank it’s time to vape.

Turn Concentrates to E Juice: Choose Your Flavor

There are six delicious flavors of Wax Liquidizer to choose from. One flavor is blank or flavorless. Other flavors include banana, blueberry, ice hit, strawberry, and grape. Each flavor is subtle and enhances instead of overpowers you are vape juice. The gentle smell will help mask any cannabis odor coming from your vape.

The fact that you can vape This in any nicotine style vape also provides extreme discretion. Anyone who sees you vaping will assume you are vaping the same type of vape juice as anyone else. This means you can use Wax Liquidizer almost anywhere.

Written by Ashley Grace

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