Which jewelry should we choose for wedding?

Discover in this article some tips to help you make your choice of costume jewelry to wear during an important event: a wedding for example. After selecting your wedding dress, set the hairstyle, and accessories to adopt, comes the choice of his jewelry and .you wonder how to choose his jewel? The day of his wedding all women want to shine like princesses, so here are some tips and advice not to commit a fault of taste and to help you in the selection of your wedding jewelry. So your souvenir photos will keep in memory, the elegance and the refinement of your wedding dress

Wedding jewelry: the essential a wedding dress with jewels

The first advice we could give you is to opt for jewels that best match the desired look of the entire outfit. Highlight your personality with the lightness of feathers, the refinement of pearls, the elegance of crystals, or the marriage of precious stones. All subjects are available to you to reflect your style when the day comes. An important thing to take into consideration for the whole is coordinated, it is the color and the material of which is made the dress that you will wear the day of the marriage as well as your hairstyle. If you usually do not like wearing jewelry, do not try to make tons of it for D-Day because you might not feel comfortable, it’s your day, you must not be embarrassed. Know that you can simply wear discreet and simple jewelry, but class anyway, they will be perfect to sublimate your appearance at your wedding and to add that touch of refinement essential to this occasion.

Choosing your wedding necklace

For women who want to put a necklace, it is the ideal accessory to enhance your bust and your neckline. To stay in the same spirit, so give your other jewelry with the chosen necklace material. The current trend for necklaces is light materials such as feathers or fabric, noble materials such as precious or semi-precious stones (diamond, amethyst, water pearls …) chose this kind of necklace from Midwest Jewellery. So match it with the color of your dress: ivory, white or cream … to stay in the same spirit and magnify your complexion. What will determine your choice of fancy necklace; it will be the shape of your bustier or the neckline of your dress. Here are some examples:

– Straight neckline: opt for a round necklace rather close to the neck. The chokers in fabric and lace will bring a touch of elegance to all of your outfits.

– V-shaped neckline: all types of necklaces or necklaces may be suitable with this plunging neckline bodice. Those who are pendulous and long will have a perfect fall in the hollow of your chest. Necklaces pearls or rhinestones will be perfectly suited to this type of bustier.Which jewelry should we choose for wedding

– Asymmetrical neckline if you have chosen a dress with an asymmetrical bustier, we recommend an asymmetrical necklace with the main motif on the opposite side of the shoulder strap. Thus you will emphasize the roundness of the shoulders and you will emphasize your neck, our crush of heart.

– American neckline: with a dress knotted around the neck, it will be better not to charge too much at this level. Only earrings will be adapted to highlight the dresses with the high neckline. With this type of neckline, you will sublimate your shoulders and will be very glamorous.

Choosing the right wedding earrings

Once you have chosen the necklace, you can now go to the earrings. If you have opted for an imposing necklace, it is wiser to take a model of loops quite sober, even the soberest possible. If your heart leans towards long earrings then prefer the fine ones. There is a new trend this year that is to fancy feather jewelry, which can be the biggest effect on a simple dress for a country wedding. Our advice: we feathers or flowers according to the small details of your wedding dress. Your motto must always be harmony.

Choose your wedding bracelet

You can decorate your wrist with a bracelet, mittens or wedding gloves. To bring a touch of elegance to your outfit, this is the perfect accessory but avoids overloading your outfit with accessories. This season, fashion is fine bracelets with a small pearl, refined lace mittens or long satin gloves for the princess side. They will match with the hue of your dress and the decorative elements of your outfit. The key is to feel good with a bracelet or gloves, it is important not to be embarrassed all day with a heavy accessory and uncomfortable wrist, so you must opt for a model worked and quality.

Obviously, the day of your wedding, do not skimp on his hands because they may be the center of all the attention of the day. Bet on a French manicure impeccable or a nail polish little but harmonious. Even if you wear gloves or mittens, do not forget to pamper your hands and nails. This will be your best asset to liven up your engagement ring as well as your wedding ring. We advise you not to wear other rings; the risk would be to overload your hands.

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