Five Shortcuts to Bonding Deeply with a Romantic Partner

Relationships have become volatile over the years due to the changing lifestyles in our society. This is caused by upbringing and societal influences. People are forgetting the simple and old-time basics of creating long-time and lasting relationships. They are sticking to routine and familiarity, which over time bring about contempt. The following five tips could help you create deep bonding between you and your partner.

Know Your Partner

In most cases, not knowing your partner well causes misunderstandings and disagreements. Get to really know your partner’s character, likes, dislikes and general demeanor. This will allow you to avoid instances that would make you disagree, and you will also be able to compromise on certain issues that do not necessarily matter.

Discover New Things to Do

Doing the same things all the time is a killer of romance. Routine eventually becomes common and boring. Discovering and exploring new and fun things will bring the two of you together more quickly. Surprise your partner with a new adventure, which will definitely spark the romance.

Remember the First Instances of Your Romance

Normally people forget what brought them together in the first instance. What was the attraction then that is not there now? You need to reminisce about the sweet past and try to find a way of getting back to those things that brought you together and made you want to be with your partner. If you could take things back to the first dates after meeting at, then the bond will be stronger. Just do the things you used to do that made your partner want to be with you then.

Focus on the Good Rather Than the Negatives

Every relationship has positive and negative aspects of each individual. Learning to accept and ignore your partner’s flaws can really help. You should concentrate on your partner’s positive side and deeds. Try to amplify this by appreciation and compliments, which will typically bring good vibes and connection between the two of you.

Every individual likes appreciation and compliments once in a while. For a deeper connection, you need to look at the positives and concentrate on them rather than always focusing on the things the other person is doing differently than you would. If you constantly mention or dwell on your partner’s imperfections to the point of abhorrence, then challenges will occur.

Do Your Best

You need to show some effort, resilience and persistence to make your relationship work. Your partner needs to know you are trying to make things work and be good. In most cases when you show that you are tired of trying, your partner will also give up. At this point, the distance and despair grow. Putting your best intentions forward by going out on a date, staring into your partner’s eyes for a minute, holding hands and even public affection will bring you closer much faster.


Make your romance grow deep by observing these five tips and see how quickly and deeply your significant other will be drawn to you. Even your love will grow abundantly and exponentially.

Written by Ashley Grace

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