5 Surprising Benefits of Lavender Oil

From the flowers of the lavender plant, lavender oil is supposed to be extracted. This process carried out primarily through steam distillation. If the nature of flowers of lavender is concerned then, they are scented. We can make potpourri by using these flowers. Perfumes can be made through the oil of lavender. In many aromatic preparations and combinations and aromatherapy, the oil of lavender finds its role to be very useful. There are different forms in which lavender essential oil is used. These forms comprise soaps, lotion, gels, infusion and aromatherapy oil. There are so many health benefits of lavender oil. Now, we will discuss the benefits of lavender oil in the following manner.

Induces Sleep


Among the benefits of lavender oil, inducing sleep is one of them. There are so many people who are suffering from sleeping disorders. To work efficiently, it is necessary to have a good sleep. Sleep is induced by lavender essential oil. It is recommended to use this oil for an alternative treatment of insomnia. According to frequent studies on elderly patients, normal sleep medication is replaced by lavender essential oil for increasing their sleep regularities. It is a great replacement of modern medicines for sleep issues. We can get relaxed by using it. Here you can also read about how to sleep fast and various essential oils for sleep.

Treat Acne


Generally, teenagers and youngster suffer from the problem of acne. The problem of acne can easily be treated. We can get rid of from this problem by using lavender essential oil. The bacteria causing inflammation and acne can be prevented through its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. There are various types of acne- nodular acne, papules acne, cystic acne and pustules acne. For treating acne, the lavender oil is allowed to be dabbed on affected area by using a cotton swab. As per University of Maryland Medical Center, for treating acne, lavender is used extensively by aromatherapists. Therefore, if we count the benefits of lavender oil then, treating acne is one of them. For acne, you can also consider various other remedies like- coconut oil for acne, tea tree oil for acne, aloe vera for acne and other essential oils for acne.

Maintains Healthy Nervous System


The whole functioning of our body depends on the nervous system. It is necessary to keep our nervous system healthy. Maintaining healthy nervous system is a part of benefits of lavender oil. The smell of this oil is calming which is helpful in treating anxiety and nerves issues. Headaches, migraines, nervous tension, emotional stress and depression are cured by this oil. The restlessness and nervous exhaustion can be removed by its refreshing aroma. This oil is also helpful in increasing mental activity. Heart-rate variability can also be regulated by it.

Treats Respiratory Disorders


So many people are suffering from respiratory disorders. Due care has to be done for the patient of respiratory disorders. The respiratory problems like flu, throat infections, asthma, cold, cough, bronchitis, sinus congestion, laryngitis, tonsillitis and whooping cough can be treated with lavender oil. For getting its treatment, on the skin of back, neck, and chest, it can be applied or can be used in the form of vapour. The phlegm and other unwanted materials can be eliminated naturally from the body by using this oil. Therefore, treating respiratory disorders are included in the benefits of lavender oil. Passion fruit benefits can also help you in this.

 Relieves Pain


It is the most dismal condition of our body is suffering from pain. It is necessary to relieve our body from pain. The various types of pains can be relieved from our body by using lavender oil. The various types of pain include muscular aches, sprains, lumbago, backache, and rheumatism. Due to sore and tense muscles, these pains are caused. We can get relief from the pain by having the regular massage of lavender oil. It is the best remedy for healing all types of pains. Therefore, lavender oil benefits our health by relieving pain.

Aids In Digestion


For smooth functioning of our body, it is necessary to have the healthy digestive system. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to digest food. In such a situation, lavender oil is useful. The mobility of food within the intestine gets increased by using lavender oil. The production of bile and gastric juices can be stimulated by using this oil. As a result of it, stomach pain, indigestion, flatulence, diarrhoea, and vomiting can be cured by this oil.

Thus, we have discussed the benefits of lavender oil in the above-written matter. Lavender oil is the best treatment for many diseases. If we want to become healthy then, it is the best option. It is the remedy which can be available easily.

Written by Ashley Grace

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