What Benefits does CBD Oil Have?


Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) is taking the world by storm, its rise in popularity has become the main center of attention for debates and commonly discussed between doctors and health professionals in relation to whether it is beneficial to people’s health, or if it’s just to use for relaxation purposes. Evidence shows that CBD is the oil that helps us in improving our health.

What is CBD Oil and what benefits does it provide for our health?


The Ingredients:

Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, which is a constituent of cannabis. (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol is the key psychoactive cannabinoid that has been found in cannabis, and therefore causes the side effect/sensation of getting “high” as with marijuana. With CBD oil, it is completely unlike THC and isn’t psychoactive.

Therefore, this is why CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular for medical use without the mind-altering effects and is not for just relaxation purposes. For more in-depth information on CBD oil, look for CBD Oil Geek website.

Benefits of Cannabidiol


  1. The main use for CBD Oil is pain relief. According to experts, CBD oil effects the receptors in the brain and immune system and reduce inflammation and get rid of the pain. An investigation in the Journal of Experimental Medicine discovered that CBD amazingly reduces inflammation in mice and rats.
  2. Depression and anxiety are two of the most commonly found health disorders that can cause drastic impacts on the health and wellbeing of an individual. The World Health organization discovered that depression is the single largest contributor to disability across the world, while anxiety is ranked sixth. The most commonly used treatment for these health disorders is pharmaceutical drugs which have numerous side effects that include insomnia, sexual dysfunction, headaches, agitation, and drowsiness. This can then lead to substance abuse if incorrectly used.

CBD oil is proven to be a top quality treatment option for depression and anxiety, which has to lead those living with these mental disorders to become interested in such a natural approach. One study shows that a group that received CBD oil treatment has significantly less anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their performance of speech than those who took a placebo drug. CBD oil is also used to treat children who have post-traumatic stress disorder, or those with insomnia. Cannabidiol has also proven to be effective and acted as an antidepressant-like effect in several animal studies.

  1. According to health professionals that have researched the beneficial properties of CBD oil, they have found that this natural property may be valuable in the treatment of cancer. Alongside CBD oil and some of the other compounds that are found in cannabis, may have an antitumor effect, which can increase the death of tumor cells in both leukemia and colon cancer. This cannabis property can be used to eliminate the spread of cancer cells in cervical cancer cells. One study showed that CBD inhibited the spread of violent breast cancer cells in mice.
  2. Recent research has shown that CBD oil is beneficial to our heart health. High pressure is linked to many health conditions, this includes ones that are related to the cardiovascular system. One study had shown treatment of 10 healthy men with one dose of 600 mg of CBD oil and found that it had reduced their resting blood pressure compared to those who took the placebo drug. Researchers believe that the effect that Cannabidiol has in relation to stress, anxiety or depression have factored in with this study.

Overall, CBD oil has proven to be helpful when it comes to health-related problems without causing the “high” sensation in the process, and this is why the natural remedy is being discussed commonly amongst medical experts in relation to cancer, anxiety and depression, cardiovascular conditions and pain relief. This natural remedy might just be the safe and effective fix that health professionals have been looking for.

Written by Ashley Grace

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