Science-Backed Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is being used for thousands of years for its array of health benefits. The benefits of cod liver oil are numerous. Cod liver oil is taken out from the liver of cod and is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin D. It also contains omega three fatty acids.

Cod liver oil for dogs is excellent food supplement it sustains their brain health and nourishes their coats and helps to give shine. Cod liver oil for dogs also provides vitamin, A, vitamin D, EPA, DHA, and Omega three fatty acid.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Herein are the science backed benefits of cod liver oil:

1. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Rich source of vitamin A and vitamin D:


Vitamin A maintains healthy eyes and radiant skin. It also enhances the brain functions. Vitamin D plays a significant role in the maintenance of bones and regulates the calcium absorption. Cod liver oil is the best food option to get ample amount of vitamin a and D. Just one spoon of oil provides with your daily requirement of vitamin A and D.

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2. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Decrease the risk of heart disease:


Death due to heart disease is widespread now a day, and research and studies suggest that regular consumption of cod liver oil can lower your blood pressure because of omega three fatty acids. It reduces the triglycerides by 15 to 25 percent. This oil also increases the good HDL cholesterol and helps to combat heart disease. It can prevent the plaque formation which narrows the arteries and increases the heart risk of heart attack.

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3. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Prevents diabetes:


Cod liver oil contains omega three fatty acid which helps insulin resistance that regulates the blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of oil decreases the kidney related issues and even healthy pregnancy.

4. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Enhance cognitive functions:


It is known to treat and reduce the symptoms of brain-related diseases like ADHD, bipolar and depression. Studies show that omega three fatty acids in the oil can maintain and regulates the cognitive functions and gives a positive effect to your brain. Cod liver oil for a dog is also perfect for their brain.

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5. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Useful to heal ulcers:


Ulcers are caused by infections; excess of acid production in stomach, smoking or anti-inflammatory medicines.The oil not only heals the ulcer but also prevents the symptoms of ulcers from occurring. Lab test done on rats shows that oil administered on rats have antisecretory advantages and cytoprotective benefits.

Watch this video to know health benefits of cod liver oil:

6. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Good for eye health:


There are numerous reasons for vision loss, but the primary cause is age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. These diseases are results of chronic inflammation. Vitamin A and omega three fatty acid content in cod liver oil are helping to protect these eye diseases. Various research and studies are conducted amongst rats as well human beings, and the result shows that diet with vitamin A and omega three fatty acids decrease the risk of contracting AMD and glaucoma.

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7. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Helps to reduce inflammation:


Inflammation is a symptom which heals injury and fights the infections, but at the same time, chronic inflammation increases the risk of heart diseases. Cod liver oil benefits are numerous, and one of the main content of the oil is omega three fatty acids is used to reduce the problem of chronic inflammation. It also has vitamin A and D which aids as antioxidants and fights against free radicals. Studies and research also suggest that deficiency of vitamin A and D are the cause of chronic inflammation.

8. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Gives relief in rheumatoid arthritis symptoms:


Rheumatoid arthritis damages the joints, and there is no cure for it. Regular intake of cod liver oil can provide relief in the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis like swelling and stiffness in the joints. In studies, It is found out that the oil can decrease the intake of anti-inflammatory medication by 30 percent.

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9. Benefits of Cod Liver Oil- Helps to reduce the symptoms of Anxiety:


Omega 3 fatty acid in cod liver oil is used to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Research and studies suggest that people who use to consume the oil regularly did not suffer or suffered in less frequency from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Cod liver oil side effects:


It is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting the supplements. People who are on blood thinner medication can have cod liver oil side effects. If you are using ginger, garlic, and ginseng in your daily diet you can have cod liver oil side effects. If you are on Motrin, Naprosyn or Advil consult your doctor first before starting cod liver oil supplement.

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