Essential Oils for Weight Loss and their Benefits and Uses

Weight loss is an issue which half or more than half of the worldwide population suffer from. Physical activity and eating the right kind of diet is predominant for healthy living. At the same time, physiological and psychological health is utmost important for weight loss success.Essential oils for weight loss play an integral part of your weight loss program.

.Essential oils stimulates the physical and mental state of your body. It is useful in the treatment of hormonal imbalance which is again a cause for weight gain. You must know the benefits of the  essential oils for hemorrhoid.

Herein are the Essential Oils for Weight Loss and their Benefits and Uses:

1. Cinnamon oil as essential oils for weight loss:


Cinnamon oil is extracted from the bark of a cinnamon tree. It has sweet woody fragrance. Cinnamon oil decreases the inflammation; it balances the blood sugar levels and enhances the insulin sensitivity. Insulin is responsible for metabolizing the fats and carbohydrates accommodating the absorption of blood glucose. When the cell of the body does not respond to the insulin, that condition is known as insulin resistance, and it leads to weight gain.

Method to use cinnamon oil as essential oils for weight loss:

Put a drop of cinnamon oil in one cup of warm water and drink regularly. Or Combine few drops of cinnamon oil with ¼ cup of coconut oil and apply on cellulite area and massage. The Same concoction can also be used for body massage.

2. Grapefruit oil as essential oils for weight loss:


Grapefruit oil has sweet and mood lifting fragrance. It kerbs the cravings for unhealthy food, and also enhance the metabolism. Regular usage of grapefruit oil can decrease the accumulation of abdominal fats. It has a compound that stimulates the enzyme which maintains the metabolic rate and energy level of the body. This compound also fastens the reactions in the cells of liver, brain and muscles that translates into a reduction of body fats and enhance endurance level.

Method to use grapefruit oil as essential oils for weight loss:

Combine five drops of grapefruit oil with five drops of lemon oil, five drops of cypress oil and ¼ cup of sweet almond oil. Use this oil for your body massage. Regularly massaging with this oil will eliminate extra fats from your body.

Watch this video to know about top 3 Essential oils for weight loss:

3. Peppermint oil as essential oils for weight loss:


Peppermint oil has a fresh and mint fragrance; it consists of menthol which has a relaxing and cooling effect on the body. Peppermint Oil elevates the mood; it helps in digestion, it enhances the alertness of mind and improves the energy level. Peppermint oil contains 70 percent of menthol which is used since thousands of years to treat indigestion. Peppermint oil is useful to soothe the stomach muscles and decrease the bloating which leads to an improved flow of bile that allows the food particles to pass through the body faster. You may also use Essential Oils for colds treatment.

Method to use peppermint oil as essential oils for weight loss:

Combine ten drops of peppermint oil, with ten drops of lemon oil, and ¼ teaspoon of any carrier oil of your choice and put in a diffuser. This will aid as appetite suppressing diffusion.

Peppermint oil can be used as massaging oil as well diluted with any carrier oil like coconut oil or sweet almond oil. You may also go through benefits of almond oil and use of coconut oil for weigh loss.

3. Lemon oil as essential oils for weight loss:


Lemon oil is extracted from lemon peel. It has that lovely lemony fragrance. It improves your mood; enhances your energy level, which leads to increased physical activity. It also gives relief in pain to your sore muscles. Lemon oil is known as fat dissolving oil. In combination with grapefruit, it burns the fats faster. Lemon oil aids as mood uplifting agent. It enhances the oxygen level that will make blood flow and muscles to work faster. You can have the benefits of Essential oils for a cough relief.

Method to use lemon oil as essential oils for weight loss:

Fill your bathtub with hot water, then add few drops of lemon oil in it and take a relaxing bath. It will immediately lift your mood. Or combine few drops of lemon oil with ¼ cup of sweet almond oil and use as body massage oil.

4. Fennel oil as essential oils for weight loss:


Fennel oil is extracted from fennel seeds; it has a sweet fragrance. Fennel oil helps to suppress appetite and enhance your digestive system. It gives peaceful sleep. Lack of sleep is also one of the reasons to gain weight. Fennel oil contains a hormone which maintains the cardiac rhythms that are responsible for deep, peaceful sleep. Fennel oil when used regularly will kerb the craving to eat all the time and will also digest the food faster. you may also use essential oils for Acne treatment.

Method to use fennel oil as essential oils for weight loss:

Combine few drops of fennel oil with one tablespoon of olive oil. It can be used to massage your abdomen.

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