Benefits and Uses of Mulberry Tree

The mulberry tree is popularly known as the rearing of silkworms, but it is a medicinal, edible tree. It bears fruit which is nutritive and delicious. They can be eaten fresh, as juice, like dried fruit; it is also used to make jellies and jams.

The mulberry tree is native to India, China and Japan. It is also grown in Europe, Africa and America. It is found in the subtropical region and warm climate.

The fruits have various benefits and leaves of the mulberry tree have numerous medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, expectorant, emollient and many other. The bark of the tree is hypoglycemic.

Herein are the Benefits and Uses of Mulberry Tree:

1. Improved blood circulation


Mulberry tree fruit contains iron which very fewer fruits have and which significantly enhance the red blood cells production. This leads to an improved distribution of oxygen to the organs and tissues of your body. Good blood circulation helps to boost the metabolism and prevents the body from various diseases.

2. Treats fever and cough and cold


In Chinese traditional medicine, different parts of the mulberry tree are used for addressing a different illness. The leaves of the tree are used to give relief in fever, cough and cold and sore throat.

Method to use mulberry leaves to treat fever, cough and cold:

Herbal Tea:

Take a cup of boiling water add four leaves of the mulberry tree and two dried chrysanthemum flowers, a pinch of rock salt and steep in for few minutes. Then strain and drink the herbal tea it will give relief in fever and body pain due to it.

Here is the benefits of Mulberry :

3. Healthy digestive system


The fruit and leaves of the mulberry tree contain good amount of dietary fibre. The fruit play crucial role to keep your bowel movement regular and smooth. It will reduce the occurrence of bloating and constipation. Fibre also helps to maintain the cholesterol level and preserve the heart healthy.

Method to use dried mulberry leaves for the healthy digestive system:

An easy way to incorporate the dried leaves powder of mulberry in your diet is that, add half a teaspoon of powder in any curries.


Add ¼ teaspoon of mulberry tree leaves dried powder while making the dough of bread. It will give good flavour and is healthy too.

4. Wound healing


Mulberry tree leaves contain antimicrobial properties which make the process of wound healing faster.

Method to use mulberry leaves for wound healing:

Take two tablespoons of mulberry leaves grind till forms a paste. Then apply this paste on the affected area. Follow this procedure every day till the wound heals completely.

5. Enhance bone tissues


Calcium, vitamin K, irons and in small amount magnesium and phosphorus in mulberry tree fruit can be very useful for the maintenance and formation of bone tissues. Bone degradation accelerates after a certain age, and the healing process takes time. Eating mulberry tree fruit will prevent or delay the onset of osteoporosis and other bone-related disorders.

6. Heart health


Mulberry tree white leaves are useful to inhibit the progress of atherosclerosis and the cholesterol in the arteries. The white leaves suppress the oxidation of bad cholesterol and fights against free radicals. You can also use Oleander Tree for heart health.

Method to use white leaves for heart health:

Herbal tea:

Take a cooking pan put one cup full of water, few mulberry leaves, few curry leaves one small stalk of lemon grass. Cook till it starts boiling, simmer for few minutes. Strain and take for drinking. This herbal tea is also helpful to regulate blood sugar.

7. Healthy vision


Mulberry tree fruit has carotenoid which can suppress the oxidative stress and also aids as antioxidant. Because of its properties, it prevents the damage to the retina, cataracts and macular degeneration. You can also use Goji berry plant for better eyesight.

8. Prevents diabetes


Leaves of the mulberry tree have anti-diabetic properties, and alkaloid substance in leaves is an alpha-glucosidase eliminator. And alpha-glucosidase acts as an antidiabetic agent and is used for the treatment of diabetes type 2.

Method to use mulberry leaves to prevent diabetes:

Take a cup of boiling water add one teaspoon of mulberry tree leaves and steep for five minutes. Then strain and make for drinking. This natural remedy will help to prevent as well as treat diabetes. Also see Oolong Tea Prevents Diabetes.

9. Healthy nervous system


It is believed that in India that mulberry tree leaves when incorporated into your daily diet and help your nervous system.

10. Prevents premature ageing


Mulberry tree fruits contain a good amount of vitamin A and E as well as a carotenoid substance like lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and alpha carotene. Because it is loaded with all these antioxidants, it nourishes the hair and skin tissues. It decrease the wrinkles and protect the skin from premature ageing.

Written by Ashley Grace

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