Impressive Health Benefits of Beets

Health Benefits of Beets

Beets also are known as beetroots they are majorly used in salad and soups. In China, it is used as an aphrodisiac for many years. Beetroot calories are pretty low but are a good source of sucrose. Because of the sucrose content, they are used to make refined sugar.

Health benefits of beets are various because of its nutritional value. It contains essential minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and organic compounds like glycine, lutein, betaine, and carotenoids. It is also an excellent source of anthocyanins flavonoids.

The beets health benefits are enormous such as, it improves the blood circulation, Prevents cataract, used for the treatment of anemia, kidney disorders, indigestion, dandruff, heart disease, etc.

Beetroot calories: One medium bowl of beetroot contains about 60 calories and vitamins and minerals.

Herein are the Health Benefits of Beets:

1. Excellent for pregnant women:


Beets health benefits are numerous, and one of the important features is that it is loaded with folic acid which is essential for a pregnant lady. Folic acid is a vital ingredient for the development of the spinal cord of unborn child. Beetroot calories are limited at the same time it gives an extra dose of energy to pregnant women. Do you know about the various sitting positions during pregnancy?

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2. Provides relief in constipation:


One of the best benefits of beetroot is to provide fiber content and aid as a laxative. It helps to cleanse the colon and is useful in flushing out the dreadful toxins. It also regulates your bowel movement. Here is How to relieve trapped gas and Top positions to relieve gas.

3. Prevents osteoporosis:


Beets contain mineral silica which makes the body absorb the calcium efficiently. Calcium is essential to maintain bones and teeth health. A health benefit of beets keeps the osteoporosis at bay and makes the bones strong and sturdy. Other than beets, pomelo fruit and flax seeds benefits also prevent osteoporosis.

Check this video to know top 10 healthy benefits of Beets:

4. Aids as an aphrodisiac:


Health benefits of beets are various it also aids as an aphrodisiac. A beet contains a mineral called boron, which is known to produce sex hormones. It enhances your libido and improves the fertility. Therefore, incorporating beet in the daily diet can improve your sexual life.

5. Prevents the symptoms of cataract:


Beetroot calories content is quite less, and it contains beta-carotene that is vitamin A, which is helpful to give relief and avoid the age-related eye disease like cataract and reduces the symptoms of macular degeneration. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that is required for the optimal benefit of your body.

6. Treats respiratory problems:


A beet contains vitamin C that is used to prevent asthma. The health benefits of beets are it is a rich source of beta-carotene which helps to prevent the symptoms of lung cancer. The vitamin C content aids as antioxidant and fights against the free radicals. It enhances the activity of white blood cells, which prevents the body from catching fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Other than beets, passion fruit benefits also promote a healthy respiratory system.

7. Improves stamina:


The nitrate content in beetroot helps to boost your energy level and contributes to dilate the arteries which are useful in transferring the oxygen to the various parts of the body. A beet is also an excellent source of iron that improves your stamina and gives relief in fatigue and tiredness.

8. Prevents diabetes:


For diabetes patients, beetroot is a boon, because beetroot calories are negligible and are medium glycemic index vegetable. It releases the sugar very slowly in the body and regulates the sugar levels. For intense sugar craving, you can use beets in your regular diet.

9. Decrease the bad cholesterol:


Health benefits of beets are plenty, but one of it is also used to reduce the bad cholesterol. It also prevents the formation of plaque and deposit of plaque in the artery. A beet consists of soluble fibers, betacyanins, and flavonoids. Betacyanins is the substance which gives beets its purplish red color and is a powerful antioxidant.

Benefits of beet juice:


Beetroot juice is popularly used as detox drink which helps to flush out toxins and stimulate liver cells.

Enhance the brain power:

The benefits of beet juice are various like drinking beet juice can increase your stamina. It is also famous to increase the oxygen intake. Because of increased oxygen intake, it helps in proper functioning of the brain and prevents the onset of dementia.

The other benefits of beet juice in ancient times the Romans used to drink beet juice to enhance their libido. It is helpful to decrease the pain in arthritis. The milk is good for eyesight.

Different ways to consume beets:

Beets can be consumed in many ways, and you should eat daily because of health benefits of beets. It can be eaten raw by taking out the skin or can be parboiled and eaten. It can be incorporated in salads, soups, and juice.

Word of caution:

Beetroot contains oxalates that can crystallize the body fluids when eaten in excess. Patients with gallbladder or kidney problems should avoid or consult your doctor and eat.

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