Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Coffee Grinder Review: Best espresso machine

Jackie Chan once said that coffee is a language in itself. And the ideal coarseness or fineness of a ground coffee is determined with the best espresso machine and by the kind of brewing method being used.

best espresso machine

Little change in the size of coffee granules can radically alter the taste of the final brew. The grid sizes can be classified as follows.

  • Turkish: Made to Powder like flour and without any grains; blade grinders are deemed to be unsuitable for producing such type of grinds.
  • Extra fine: Coffee grains can still be barely discernable, and granular sugar is coarser than this
  • Fine: The texture is much smoother like the table salt
  • Medium: Gritty texture like coarse sand and is accompanied by visible flakes
  • Course: Tangible and chunk-like pieces of beans similar to heavy kosher salt.

Rancilio is a well-known name in the coffee equipment industry and has an impeccable reputation of being the best espresso machine and for always lending an ear to their clientele, and consistently improvising and upgrading as per the changing requirements of the ever-evolving market. The Rancilio Rocky HSD-ROC-SD espresso coffee grinder was first introduced to the market in the early years of the 2000 era and is still a popular choice among the consumers.

The Rancilio Rocky is necessarily a burr type coffee grinder, which offers many advantages over a blade grinder. Its flat burrs are made from tempered still and measure as long as fifty millimeters. As the accumulated heat can easily damage the beans by re-roasting them, flat burr grinders make an excellent option for those who grind massive amounts of coffee, because those coffee grinders have better heat reduction and dissipation capabilities.

There is also another variety available in the market called the “conical type.” It can be made of ceramic or steel too.

The grinder is powered by a low-torque, direct-drive, 1750 RPM (revolutions per minute) motor for noiseless and fast grinding. The heavily insulated motor is equipped with a thermal cutoff to prevent overloading and burning. It also halts the motor when something gets stuck in the burrs. The Rancilio Rocky typically takes around twenty to thirty seconds for completing a single cycle of grinding and is available without or with a doser.

best espresso macine

Doser Model

A doser grinder makes use of a circular accessory for collection, which is divided into several wedges. These wedges, made in the form of a pie, each can hold as much as seven ounces of coffee grounds; which is enough for a family of five or six. However, there is a catch. The doser bin should remain mostly full for getting seven ounces of coffee in entirety in the device’s porta-filter. The wedges will not be able to deliver seven ounces of grounds accurately if the porta-filter is half-filled or less. Fewer grounds translates to weak coffee, and if the coffee remains inside the doser are allowed to sit there for more than half an hour, it will become stale resulting in a brew of inferior quality and poor taste. The doser type grinders are notorious for trapping coffee grounds between the grinder housing and the doser and require regular and tedious cleaning jobs.

best espresso machine

Doserless Model

These types of coffee grinders dump the grounds into a bin or holder with the help of a shute. The container or holder can be a porta-filter, a cup, or can happen to be any other kind of collection mechanism. The doserless models are perfect for brewing one or two cups of hot coffee per day. Also, there is no room for coffee residues, and hence, does away with the issues of cleaning. These models are pretty helpful when someone is doing a drip, pouring over, or using any other kinds of coffee methods that call for variable amounts of grounds. Following points make it the best espresso espresso machine

Pros of Rocky with Doser

  • As the doser collects the coffee grounds, the machine and its surroundings remain clean
  • Comparatively less static
  • Makes massive amounts of coffee grounds in a whizz

Cons of Rocky with Doser

  • A high amount of coffee can stay in the doser and can go stale
  • The doser vanes do not entirely mop all the coffee grounds, and hence, the interiors require periodical cleaning
  • The amount of grind is dependent on the status of the doser and alters when it is half-full or even less

Pros of Rocky without Doser

  • Coffee can be ground pretty quickly for a different number of coffee methods as it comes with various kinds of manual controls
  • Ideal for those who need a little number of coffee grounds
  • Either a collection bin or a porta-filter can be employed

Cons of Rocky without Doser

  • Comparatively slow
  • A tad messy because the grounds are not always contained properly

The conclusion for your best espresso machine!


  • Appearance: The Rancilio can be called as being the Fiat in the world of coffee machines due to its tank-like build. It is unmistakably heavy yet stylish, rugged, sturdy and durable; and can last for fifteen years or even more. Financially, it is necessarily a twenty US dollar investment per year.
  • Performance: The fifty-five manual settings allow the end user to make and enjoy a professional quality espresso in the home. The release lever and the bean hopper do an excellent job for instantly altering the settings, for instance, changing from fine to coarse or vice-versa.
  • User-Friendly: The switch for grinding is neatly located on the front side, and there is a separate main switch for powering the machine. Also, the lower hoop carved out of premium metal; happily accommodates a porta-filter at the time of grinder. Much to the convenience of the customers; it can be taken out quickly and can make enough room for a bag, press pot, or a filter.
  • Powerful Motor: It is precisely the very same motor Rancilio fits in their commercial-grade MD40 grinder. The hundred and sixty-six watts legendary motor is nothing short of an electromechanical beast.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Burrs: For the uninitiated, larger burrs translates to superior brews. It is the burrs which do the tough job of grinding, and hence, they are an essential component of any quality pulverizer. The fifty-millimeter burrs genuinely speak of serious business!

Written by Ashley Grace

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