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Your preference can be according to your taste, choice and most importantly your goal when it comes to whey protein. Optimum Nutrition has been the top in the chart of supplement brand globally and has sustained the level of excellence.

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein of Optimum Nutrition is the top end supplement amongst all the fitness enthusiasts. So here is my review of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein (Chocolate Malt) bifurcated further on the basis of the elements.

Chocolate Malt Flavor

  • Taste

I recently purchased ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein 5lbs and tried its chocolate malt flavour. I liked the rich taste of the chocolate, specifically in form of hot chocolate. It does not as good as chocolate milk, but being a whey protein shake, it was fabulous and it really tasted pretty good. I’ll go with 9/10 for its taste.

  • Mixability

I blended this in a blender and not in a shaker so I found it very smooth in its mixability. As I blended it for just like 10-15 seconds approx. and got a smoothie like consistency. I have used other protein brands as well in the same manner (blended in blended) but the outcome was not satisfying at all, could find the rough dwell along with the lumps forming on the surface. For this, I’ll score it 8/10 for ON Gold Standard.

  • Texture

The raw powder texture was quite fine in particles, I compared it with the norms of fine residue particles and with others of course. whey proteinI have been using the protein supplements from ages now and being in the interest of the facts related to supplement. The raw smooth powder gave me a positive and fresh vibe about its lump-free mixability and yes it was lump-free indeed unlike another brand. Its texture surprisingly took 10/10 on my scoreboard.

  • Effectiveness

For reviewing protein supplement products, it is very difficult to estimate the overall effectiveness of the supplement and to share thoughts on the judgement. It is not like creatine and pre-workout which enhance it immediately to a noticeable effect, but it takes a generous time to get an effective result. The basic purpose of a protein supplement is to provide you ample amount of calories and to high up your daily protein intake. So to get a positive output, you have to consume it for at least 12-14 consecutive weeks, no score for effectiveness because I haven’t reached to that point where I can rate the effectiveness of ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein.

Overall Review

This whey protein contains high protein, low-calorie content, less sugar, less lactose etc per ladle of serving. More than anything else, it has special ingredients that blow away most of the other competitors in the line.

Please note – It is low in lactose, it’s not completely lactose-free though, so if you’re allergic it could still cause problems.

I brought this supplement from the online store which I found after a deep research and having a checklist of its authenticity, genuinity, price comparison with others and after delivery services. The one which I picked is called Healthxp.

Written by Ashley Grace

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