How To Get Your Smile Back With Dental Implants?

In a world where first impressions are based on appearances, missing teeth can be a cause for lack of confidence in many people. Our smile increases the face appearance value, and dental implants come to rescue in case of missing teeth with various advanced techniques of dentistry available today.

Apart from catering to the aesthetic value, dental implants are helpful in protection of the jawbone deterioration caused due to missing tooth/teeth which cause incorrect pressure on jawbone while biting. Click to read how Tooth loss caused by an injury, poor oral hygiene, plaque or tartar build-up, internal decay, and gum diseases can be corrected with proper dental implants as per suggestions from your dentist after a thorough check-up.

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Dental implants are a good option for natural teeth restoration as they are long lasting and appear just like your natural tooth on the outside. Made from a strong and non-reactive titanium material, these are an ideal choice for tooth replacement. Depending on single tooth or multiple teeth implants required, your dentist would suggest choices of either “All on 4” or “All on 6” surgical methods. “All on” method is a permanent solution in case of a missing set of teeth on the upper or lower jaw. 4 or 6 titanium screw-retained implants are placed in the required jaw post proper evaluation of the gum and jawbone health.

What Is All On 4 Surgical Implant Method?

All on 4 implant method has been successfully evolved over a period of years from 1977 as a good treatment technique for rehabilitation of person with an edentulous condition or those with broken/compromised set of teeth due to decay. You can imagine it as a 4 legged table top fixed into your gums providing proper anchoring and support just as your natural teeth would do.

What is All on 6 Surgical Implant Method?

All on 6 implant method is mostly used with patients having bone loss and cannot have traditional implants without having first to undergo bone grafting surgery procedure. It is a tooth replacement process in either the upper or lower jaw which is surgically replaced with a bridge using 6 implants for a sturdy hold. Depending on the number of teeth extraction required and impressions, this is usually a 1-day procedure conducted under local anesthetic or IV sedation.

Dental Implants,, How To Get Your Smile Back With Dental Implants, Smile Back With Dental Implants

 Pros and Cons

It is a simple method to restore your smile with 4 implants and is usually a 1-day surgery. Being secured in jawbone is assurance there won’t be any loosening of the implants soon. It is a cost-effective, permanent solution to a better smile.

As it is single day surgery, you might not be able to do a strength test of those new sets by eating or the exact appearance or the comfort on the same day. Depending on how many teeth are being removed, the pain quotient is variable and managed through painkillers as provided by your dentist if in case required.

The All in 4 or All in 6 procedure is the most cost-effective solution in comparison to many other options of dentistry. Providing multiple long-lasting benefits, the ALL on 4 or ALL on 6 implants is the best step to having a beautiful smile again.

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