There are Endless Fenugreek Seeds Benefits that You are Missing Out

Fenugreek Seeds Benefits

Both fenugreek (methi) seeds and leaves are usually available and because of versatile fenugreek seeds benefits, It is a popular ingredient in the Indian kitchen. It has minerals, fiber, iron, protein, vitamins (C and B), potassium, alkaloids and much more in it. It is likewise popular for having a compound called diosgenin (has the property of estrogen and steroidal saponins).

How to eat Fenugreek Seeds?


If you don’t know  how to eat fenugreek seeds properly then you will not be able to get maximum fenugreek seeds benefits:

  1. Dry meal fenugreek seeds on medium-high warmth for one to two minutes, Stir now and then and include one teaspoon over Indian curries, plates of mixed green salads and pan-fry dishes.
  2. Soak one teaspoon overnight in water and swallow the following morning with one glass water.
  3. Vegetated fenugreek seeds by absorbing them water overnight, keeping them in a jug protected with a cloth for few days until the point that small green shoots show up. This grew fenugreek seeds can be added to any servings of mixed green salads.
  4. Crisp fenugreek leaves can be added to roti’s, paratha’s, dosas and idlis.
  5. Homegrown tea’s made with fenugreek seeds; lemon and honey are an effective cure used to treat fevers.

Fenugreek seeds benefits


Here are some of the fenugreek seeds benefits that make it beneficial for our overall health:

  1. It improves the digestion by removing the harmful toxins from the body.
  2. It provides relief from constipation, indigestion, and other digestive disorders.
  3. Regular intake of fenugreek helps cures the Acidity problem.
  4. It Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases.
  5. Regular use of Fenugreek helps to Controls Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.
  6. Its vitamin helps from chapped lips, beriberi, boils, cellulitis, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cancer, etc.
  7. It cures the memory loss problems.
  8. It also fulfills the Iron Deficiency.
  9. The fenugreek seed lowers the high triglycerides level means blood fats in the person with type 2 diabetes.
  10. Fenugreek seeds benefits for weight loss by chewing the soaked seeds while empty stomach. You must also read about coconut oil for weight loss, watermelon benefits for weight loss, cinnamon benefits weight loss and various essential oils for weight loss.
  11. Fenugreek seeds for hair are very beneficial by applying its paste on the hair makes hair more shiny, strong, long and black. It also removes dandruff from the hairs. You can also look for coconut oil for hair, avocado oil for hair, olive oil for hair, jojoba oil for hair, almond oil for hair, argan oil for hair, tea tree oil for hair, apple cider vinegar benefits for hair, aloe vera juice for hair and amla oil benefits for hair.

Watch this video to know the benefits of Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds side effects


While there are many fenugreek seeds benefits that make us love this ingredient, the fenugreek side effects, however, makes us a little cautious before consuming.

  1. An excess amount of Fenugreek seeds intakes results in side effects like diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, gas, and odor in the urine.
  2. It also lowers the blood sugar level.
  3. It may cause premature uterine contractions in the pregnant women. You must read about papaya seeds for abortion as it is the safest way.
  4. The seeds may cause nasal blockage, facial swelling, wheezing, coughing and allergy in the hypersensitive people.
  5. Eating Fenugreek seeds just before the baby birth may give unusual body odor to the newborn.
  6. Eating it with some of the combinations may cause serious health problems.
  7. It may cause gastrointestinal bleeding which leads to black and tarried stools and vomiting of blood.
  8. Over intake may results in skin rashes and skin irritation.
  9. It may lead to hemorrhagic stroke means bleeding in the brain which results in the weakness, numbness in the arms, legs and severe headache.
  10. The seed may cause the loss of consciousness among children they are not safe for children.

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