Do you know how to mince garlic?

For all those who don’t know how to mince garlic; this is a sort of guide for them.

Garlic is a highly beneficial vegetable and garlic clove benefits are well-known. One of the reasons people don’t tend to like garlic is because they are not mincing it properly. This makes their food overpowered with strong and pungent garlic. Even when you chop the garlic, it tends to get burn and turn pungent. Whereas when you mince the garlic, it gets mixed in your food in even consistency giving the dish a nice flavor.

How to mince garlic?


When it comes to knowing how to mince garlic properly there isn’t much; the whole process is simpler than you can imagine.

  1. Trim the bottom of the garlic end and then crush the clove on the cutting board using the flat side of your knife. This will make the skin fall right off from the garlic.
  2. Now with a two-hand chopping motion, move your knife along the garlic over and over again to properly mince it. Make sure you keep hand on the top band and rock the black back and forth while chopping
  3. Knowing how to mince garlic can be a life saver for all those people who don’t like the strong pungent taste of garlic in their food. Sprinkle a pinch of salt over the minced garlic; this will help you in easily.
  4. Continue mincing the garlic in a different motion. Keep scraping over the garlic until you get a smooth, sticky paste.

You can look for some amazing benefits of garlic for skin and hair in this video.

Check this video to know how to mince garlic:

The dos and don’ts of garlic:


Now that you know how to mince garlic let’s find out some basic dos and don’ts of it, you can get the best of this amazing vegetable.

Dos Don’ts
Take out the green shoots from the garlic cloves before chopping. These green shoots are bitter Don’t keep the garlic chopped before you intend to cooks. It will make the flavor harsher
The finer you mince the garlic, stronger the flavour Don’t cook the garlic on high heat for more than 30 seconds. Just keep it in the flames until it is fragrant
Make sure the other aromatic ingredients are softened before you add garlic to the pan.

Garlic is not only beneficial for humans but garlic for dogs is also healthy. So this was your guide to how to mince garlic and the basic dos and don’ts about it. Now you can enjoy the delicious flavor of garlic without having to bear the pungent taste.

Written by Ashley Grace

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