Do you know about the Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy?

Every person on this earth has to perform sex. The feeling of doing sex in the individual is natural. Sex is not only our requirement but it provides a sort of pleasure to us. The manhood of the person is revealed by it. It acts as the base for creating the society. The relationship between two persons becomes strong by it. According to so many myths, we should not perform sex during pregnancy. These myths prove false and it is concluded that doing sex while pregnancy is not harmful to a child. There are so many benefits of sex during pregnancy. Now, we will discuss the benefits of sex during pregnancy.

Better Orgasm And Greater Satisfaction


Among the benefits of sex during pregnancy, better orgasm and greater satisfaction are one of them. Better orgasm is experienced by women during pregnancy if compared to pre-pregnancy phase. This is due to the fact that the production of two hormones naming progesterone and estrogen increases during pregnancy. A woman becomes more aroused due to increase in blood flow in the pelvic area. This increase in blood flow is due to increased estrogen in the body. Therefore, a better orgasm can be achieved by doing sex during pregnancy.

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Improves Circulation In The Body


Blood is required by both mother and the baby during pregnancy. In such a case, the blood supply becomes double so as to meet the requirement of both. This process can be disturbed by a sluggish circulation. So many hormones get released while performing sex which is helpful in restoring the working of the body. The circulation of the blood gets improved by it. The growth and development of the baby in the stomach get promoted by receiving a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients which are due to improved blood circulation. Therefore, if we count the benefits of sex during pregnancy then, improving circulation of the body is one of them.

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Better Bonding


Better bonding is a part of benefits of sex during pregnancy. There is the release of endorphins while doing sex during pregnancy. Both the baby and mother become happy by it and it results in decreasing levels of stress. A hormone of love and attachment is produced in increasing order by doing sex during pregnancy. This hormone is called as oxytocin and it promotes the intimacy and bonding between the couple. Due to this, complications do not exist while pregnancy and the woman experience less labour pain.

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Prevents Preeclampsia


Pre-eclampsia means the increase in blood pressure. It is the common symptom during pregnancy. This problem can be treated by having the nutritious diet and medication. The condition of preeclampsia can also be treated by doing sex during pregnancy. The reason behind this is, a special protein called HLA-G is entailed in the sperm of man which is helpful in lowering blood pressure and regulating the immune system of the body. The health of the woman can be maintained by doing sex during pregnancy. Therefore, preventing pre-eclampsia is included in the benefits of sex during pregnancy. Are you aware of the sitting position during pregnancy?

Reducing Stress


Stress is the mother of many diseases. We cannot concentrate on our work if we are under stress. It is harmful to our both physical and mental health. During pregnancy, the woman should not come across with stress. It is not good for the health of her child. Stress can create complications at the time of delivery. If the woman does sex during pregnancy then the love hormone naming oxytocin is produced which provides happiness to her mind and thus helpful in relieving stress. Therefore, a pregnant woman can be made free from stress by doing sex.

Thus, we have discussed the benefits of sex during pregnancy in the above-written matter. Sex is beneficial for our health in every respect. It depends on us how to visualize sex as it benefits woman even in pregnancy.

Written by Ashley Grace

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