Sarsaparilla Root is something amazing for your health! Here is everything about it

Sarsaparilla root grows in a warmer climate and has edible starchy roots. It is a natural remedy popular in South and Central America from time immemorial. Sarsaparilla is used in many ways, like a beverage, root beer, fermented snacks. It is used as a herbal remedy by grinding the root.

It can be beneficial in skin infections, cough and cold, and even life-threatening diseases like cancer and leprosy. It is also used to balance the hormonal imbalance.

Studies and research have found that sarsaparilla has very important compounds like, Saponins: That is anti-inflammatory and is useful in killing bacteria, fungus, and microbes, it also stimulates reproductive hormones.

Antioxidants: Astilbin is a flavonoid found in sarsaparilla. This antioxidant is considered to be used for skin health, long life and as an immunity booster.

Plant sterols: Sarsaparilla contains phytosterols which benefit digestive health and heart health.

Here are the Health Benefits and Uses of Sarsaparilla:

Sarsaparilla root for skin problems:


Research conducted suggests that sarsaparilla is helpful to reduce the itching, peeling, and swelling. It is a natural remedy for skin conditions like eczema, skin rashes, bacterial skin infection and bites and wounds of skin. Sarsaparilla root contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Sarsaparilla applied externally can cure bacterial skin infection and psoriasis. It gives great relief to people of tropical and developing countries. You can also read about olive oil for skin, coconut oil for skin, almond oil for skin, avocado oil for skin and papaya benefits for skin.

Sarsaparilla root to treat a cough, cold and fever:


Sarsaparilla has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it breaks the mucus and makes it less sticky, and a bacterium can move out of the body quickly. It reduces the intensity of coughing and sneezing. In case you have a cough and cold due to fever and have stomach upset, sarsaparilla can be useful to regulate bowel movement, and many times in temperature you don’t feel like eating, sarsaparilla tea from its root will stimulate your digestive system, and you will feel like having your regular meal. Here are the essential oils for cough and the essential oils for colds.

Method to use sarsaparilla root to treat a cough, cold and fever:

Take a bare sarsaparilla root, put on a chopping board and shred or chop the root with a knife. Make small pieces.

Take a cup of hot water in a pan, now put ¼ teaspoon of sarsaparilla pieces on it and let it steep for ten to twelve minutes.

Then strain the tea into a cup and add sugar or honey as per your taste.

Sarsaparilla root for healthy liver:


Sarsaparilla is useful to give relief in swelling, bloated stomach and fluid retention, especially sarsaparilla tea is very effective to eliminate the toxins from the body. Studies suggest that sarsaparilla root can detoxify by binding to endotoxins in the GI tract and also it has a hepatoprotective function which means it is helpful in curing liver disease. Sarsaparilla can maintain the hormone production and improve liver function by decreasing the inflammation. Have you ever heard about the benefits of cod liver oil?

Sarsaparilla root to promote hormonal balance:


A study suggests that sarsaparilla root has plant steroids and saponins that can look like natural reproductive hormones. The root does not have hormonal growth compounds but can regulate or balance the hormone production. Saponin is known as natural steroids and is helpful to give relief to the symptoms of menopause and signs of ageing. It is also useful to reduce the symptoms of muscle mass loss, impotence, and weight issues. Benefits of papaya fruit and the benefits of cauliflower can also help you in this.

Sarsaparilla root as immunity booster:


The root has antibacterial properties, and that can fight against infections of bacteria and viruses and strengthens the immunity system. It makes you strong internally and improves your resilience and do not succumb to common illness.

Method to use sarsaparilla root as immunity booster:

Drinking sarsaparilla tea regularly can help to build healthy immune system.


Can have sarsaparilla root supplements; just make sure you read the dosage instruction.

Sarsaparilla root for weight loss:


Sarsaparilla root has some compound that is responsible for curbing you in between meals. This automatically keeps check of your diet plan. So it helps indirectly to maintain your diet plans. read for how to lose weight fast without exercise? Do you know about the watermelon benefits weight loss and cinnamon benefits weight loss?

Sarsaparilla root for cancer prevention:


Studies and research have come out with the evidence that sarsaparilla root can treat cancer naturally. It has saponin and natural steroids which make the absorption of other herbs and medicine easier and decrease the inflammation. Research is done in “University of Queensland” suggests that sarsaparilla has five steroid saponin. They eliminate the cancerous cells. Sarsaparilla root contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that decrease the oxidative stress and is anti-aging. Pomelo fruit and dragon fruit benefits also help in cancer prevention.

Sarsaparilla root for improved sex life:


Sarsaparilla is beneficial in enhancing the sex drive of men and women alike. It improves the fertility rate, it increases sperm motility and increases the chance of conception.

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