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Honeymoon’s Week: Surprise Your Partner with Something Special Each Day!

Honeymoon days are a celebration of love, allowing you to gather precious memories together with your partner. However, you do not have to stop at the actual day – you can plan a whole week of activities and surprise your partner with something special each day.

Keep on reading and discover more information on how to create the perfect honeymoon time for you two!

Monday: Slides with photos from your travels 


If you have been together for a long period of time, you have probably traveled to many different places and gathered wonderful memories. These honeymoon days, you can remember your most precious moments. You can organize a journey down memory lane for your partner and invite him/her to have the time of his/her life.

Take your time to select the most beautiful photos for your project and make sure to organize them accordingly. Set your partner on the couch and show him/her the slides, putting on some of your favorite tunes and opening a nice bottle of wine. It does not get any more perfect than that.  

Tuesday: Special dessert 

Happy young couple having date and eating ice cream

We all love sweets. If you want to surprise your partner and show him/her your love, bake something. It does not have to be anything complicated and you should rather rely on your partner’s favorite desserts. You can opt for a simple brownie or, depending on your abilities, bake an entire cake.

What matters is that you present your best half with something you have prepared yourself. He/she will definitely appreciate the effort and love you even more for your gesture. You can share the dessert together by candlelight and make a romantic evening out of it. If it leads to more, even better.

Wednesday: Sensual Massage

A sensual massage can help your partner relax and get in the mood for a hot night in the bedroom. You can use his/her favorite essential oils, putting on romantic music and taking things slow. Concentrate on erogenous zones and whisper soft words into your partner’s ear. If you are worried about your low testosterone, later on, maybe you consider taking a male fertility booster like Virectin; and before purchasing make sure to check virectin reviews here.

What matters is that your partner feels amazing, going from relaxation to exaltation in a short period of time. You can also document yourself on how to perform a sensual massage, learning techniques and movements to perform. If desired, you can switch roles and have your partner massage your body in a sensual manner.

Thursday: Romantic Night

On honeymoon’s Day, romance fills the air. You can take your partner out to a special restaurant and then go back to your place, preparing for a hot night in the bedroom.

Do not jump straight into bed but rather ask your partner to dance, putting on your special song. Use scented candles, whisper romantic words and do not be afraid to try new things. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised at how big an effort you’ve made.

Friday: Just The Two of You at The Cinema

Just because honeymoon’s Day has passed, this does not mean the fun cannot continue. On Friday, you can take your partner to the movies, making sure to opt for a truly romantic one. You can scour different cinemas and even find one that plays your partner’s favorite.

A romantic movie can bring the two of you closer together, more than you might think. Buy popcorn and soda, or any other treat your partner might want, and remember to hold hands during the movies. You can even sneak a kiss, feeling like teenagers once again. It is all about sharing special moments, enjoying each other’s company.

Saturday: Day’s trip

The weekend is perfect for a romantic getaway. You can organize an entire day of fun, surprising your partner with a unique location. There are plenty of romantic spots to choose from, or, if you want, you can take her/him to where you first met. Just make sure that this is a complete surprise, letting your partner know only when you’ve arrived.

Make sure to spend time with nature and enjoy its beauty that a great cause to bring two of you together. Give a reason for each other to spend a quality and coordinating time together do some meditation and partner exercises may it’s also a natural way to increase stamina and will make you physically active.

Regardless of the chosen location, the thing that matters the most is that you are romantic. Plan the day to the very last detail and add small surprises to make the whole experience even more beautiful. Offer her a special rose or make his favorite sandwich for the trip. Happiness is about the little things, always remember that.

Sunday: A lovely brunch to end a truly romantic week

At the end of the week, you can take your partner out to brunch. Choose a restaurant you know to offer excellent brunches and make a reservation for you and your spouse. Opt for those with a buffet, as these generally have an excellent selection of food, not to mention a wide array of beverages.

During brunch, discuss about your relationship and the things you love about each other. Use these intimate moments to rekindle the flame of passion and do not be afraid to speak your heart. Your partner will take delight in your honesty, providing a similar response in return.

When you have someone to love, each day is special. This honeymoon’s week, remember that you are loved and that nothing is more important than having someone by your side. Plan your week taking your partner’s needs and desires into account.

Do not forget that we are responsible for making our relationships better. When it comes to matters of the heart, do not make it about just one single day. Use honeymoon’s week to show your love to your partner, and create memories to cherish for an entire lifetime.

Article Summary:

Rear view of a romantic young couple sitting on the pier enjoying stunning sunset

If you want to celebrate love the right way, you should plan an entire week of special activities this honeymoon’s Day. Welcome to honeymoon’s Week, where each day has a unique surprise for your partner.

You start on Monday with a sensual massage, moving on to Tuesday, where you will prepare a mouth-watering dessert for your spouse. On Wednesday, you will take a trip down memory lane, as you will watch slides from previous travels. Keep in mind that women love to be wooed, and especially on days like that. Thursday, on honeymoon’s Day, it will all be about romance and passion, with things getting heated in the bedroom.

On Friday, you can go to the cinema and watch a romantic movie, holding hands like teenagers. Saturdays are for quick getaways, with romance being the key word to describe your adventure. Last, but not least, you have the Sunday brunch, ending what can only be described as a perfect honeymoon’s Week. Enjoy!

Written by Ashley Grace

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