Quit Marijuana Regardless Of Age

Scientifically speaking, addiction is a mental condition where a person cannot stop doing something despite knowing the harmful effects it has on them. Addiction can be for anything including intoxicants such as alcohol, opium, and marijuana.

It is not that easy to recognize if one is addicted to substances, in the first instance. It requires ample time and careful observation before declaring that someone is addicted. Once, determined, it is pretty easy to cure the addiction but with utmost determination.

If you think you are addicted to something, but cannot quit, here’s an attempt to make you realize why you should get rid of your addiction.

Your Decisions Are Altered Because Of Your Addiction.

The substances are harmless if consumed or used in a controlled way. Once, the leisure turns addiction it can seriously alter your decisions and behavior. There are a plethora of examples you can seek just to know how decisions are altered because of addiction.

Consider, you started smoking pot in your high school. (In case it’s true) You must have realized that your goals and ambitions shifted after you started smoking. This is just an example to make you realize that you should quit marijuana regardless of age and gender. In other words, addiction starts molding your decisions such that every decision you make is in favor of your addiction.

Relationships Are Lost In The Past.

Once your decisions are altered, your behavior is also, altered drastically. You may have experienced anxiety, fatigue, irritation, and agitation in your behavior since you’ve started abusing the substances. Is it worth it?

Can You Keep Up WIthout Your Stock?

If you think you are not at all addicted to anything, you should honestly ask yourself, if you can get past a single week without your stock? It has been observed, that people who do not accept the fact that they are addicted usually socialize with the like-wise people to feel social acceptance.

If you also do the same, you should seriously reconsider your belief. You are addicted if you cannot even spend a single week, or let’s say ten days, without your substances. You should definitely get some professional help to analyze the extent of your addiction and find out the methods to get rid of it.

You Can’t Even Remember What It Was Like!

Answer this question to yourself, honestly. Do you remember, what it used to be like for you when you were not addicted? If you do, you have a lot many reasons to quit. In case, you don’t remember, what could be more of a reason that you’ve lost the sense of your memory?

Regardless of whether you are the last stage addict, or you’ve just begun, abusing substances, does not replenish your body with healthy nutrients, anyway. So, you should really find yourself some help to quit this unhealthy habit.

Written by Ashley Grace

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